Alone Zombiewoods

alone zombiewoods

When you’re all by yourself walking through the city or a forest at night time you might get the feeling of being watched by a thousand eyes from the shadows. This creepy feeling will increase heavily if you just finished watching a scary movie. In the game Alone Zombiewoods you find yourself in a dark forest only to find out that these woods have been heavily infested by zombies. Are you able to cross the woods safely without being catched by a zombie? Go on a quest with Verne and Eva, the protagonists from this game, and try to survive this dark night full of darkness and evil. The walking dead are in search for more brain to eat because they have none of their own so careful. Collect handy tools and objects to increase the success rate of your survival in this cool pixelated role playing game. Good luck surviving in Alone Zombiewoods!

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Undead Clicker

undead clicker

OMG there are so many idle clicking games these days that you won’t be able to finish them off in many lifetimes! Undead clicker is another idle clicking game where you have to click yourself through the world until the flesh of your fingertips start bleeding severely or your mouse will break. In Undead clicker you have to become the baddest archmage and therefor you have to collect the staff of the Dragon Bone. It’s your job to slay the dragon that lives many miles away on the Undead Island. Turn the undead creatures into gold and use your riches to buy mercenary soldiers which will be added to your party and make them suffer. All kind of undead creatures like skeletons, shades, ghouls, zombies and demons. But also fantasy creatures like imps, evil dwarfs, and other fantasy creatures. Try to max your click damage and Damage Per Second to become the world most powerful archmage in the history of the planet!

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Slash Zombies Rampage

slash zombie rampage

Oh no it’s happening again, zombies are trying to take over the world, cities are burning to the ground! To stop the walking dead from eating every brain on the planet you will have to take place in your armored tank. While your mighty vehicle does most of the damage you will also have access to a variety of guns to shoot ‘em all up with your aiming skills. Decide if you squash them with your tank or pump them full of lead! Your goal is to reach day fifteen of the invasion, to survive you must make it to the safe zone where other survivors are staying. Be careful that your tank doesn’t take too much damage, if you run out of armor it will blow up. If you fail to make it through the day then it’s smart to buy upgrades for all the coins you pick up on your rampage. Make the decision if you would like to improve your tank or one of your guns with the earned money. Try to do everything in your power to stop the invasion and save the earth!

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