Castle Rush

castle rush

Do you like wasting some time with a good Tower Defense game? Then Castle Rush will potentially have the ability to satisfy your TD needs! This isn’t a classic tower defense game though, because you won’t be placing any buildings to defend the castle of this mighty kingdom. Castle Rush introduces a new way to play, you will have the amazing ability to play as the kingdom fortress of the empire yourself to fend of the multiple waves of pesky enemies! When you’re walking on the battlefield lots of different demons, skeletons, zombies and other evil creatures will try to overrun you. Defend yourself against them with your almost impenetrable walls, mighty rocks and shooting towers. By upgrading your offensive skills, defensive skills and abilities you will be able to grow stronger by the second. Ah, the joy of upgrading all the things never gets old doesn’t it!? Have fun playing this cool strategic tower defense game with a twist.

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In this arcade style multiplayer game you will be challenged to create a very big snake in a crazy arena. The other players also own a small snake that they want to grow bigger and bigger. Warning, this can be a very addicting game! If you are familiar with the classic snake game from the old days you will love to discover the new way the franchise has been resurrected in Get into an arena with a bunch of other players and control your own digital snake. The purpose of course is to get your own snake stronger and longer than the other player. Try not to bump into the rival snakes or you will die a terrible death and won’t be able to win the tournament! Eat to become larger en don’t crash into the other snakes. Good luck and have fun in this amazing crazy multiplayer game!

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Undead Clicker

undead clicker

OMG there are so many idle clicking games these days that you won’t be able to finish them off in many lifetimes! Undead clicker is another idle clicking game where you have to click yourself through the world until the flesh of your fingertips start bleeding severely or your mouse will break. In Undead clicker you have to become the baddest archmage and therefor you have to collect the staff of the Dragon Bone. It’s your job to slay the dragon that lives many miles away on the Undead Island. Turn the undead creatures into gold and use your riches to buy mercenary soldiers which will be added to your party and make them suffer. All kind of undead creatures like skeletons, shades, ghouls, zombies and demons. But also fantasy creatures like imps, evil dwarfs, and other fantasy creatures. Try to max your click damage and Damage Per Second to become the world most powerful archmage in the history of the planet!

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Hell on Duty

hell on duty

Fill up your cannon with human corpses and skeletons and launch them against the army of evil devils and demons that have invaded your kingdom! In Hell on Duty you are given the task to destroy a horde of hell spawns and send them straight back to the underworld where they came from. To do this you received a cannon from the king’s armory to use. The cannon fodder is very unusual, since you are under siege by the demons you have no normal ammunition left. Use the corpses of the dead to fill up your cannon and shoot the demons. Blow them of the edge to drop them into a magical cauldron to kill them off with magic. Make effective use of the cannon to win the battle, good luck defending the kingdom in this exciting launch game!

Tiny Dangerous Dungeons

tiny dangerous dungeons

The Metroidvania genre combines the best elements from games like Metroid and Castlevania in one gaming experience. In the 2D platform adventure game Tiny Dangerous Dungeons you control a tiny hero which has to overcome all kinds of obstacles. Death lurks in every corner, defeat all the enemies that will make your path to victory harder. All kinds of dangerous beasts will attack you like piranha’s, bats, frogs and other critters. Experience an open-world platformer in 2D in which you can choose between a variety of forking paths and start exploring. The graphics resemble the glorious handheld Gameboy era. Have fun playing Tiny Dangerous Dungeons!

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Survival Lab

survival lab

Try not to die! That’s the most important message of this game. Participants who complete the twenty six difficult levels will be allowed to live. You will start in the arena of an experimental laboratory and have to dodge all the traps and other dangers you encounter. By collecting coins you advance to the next level. Because Survival Lab uses elements from the rogue genre it’s inevitable that you will die, a lot that is. So try to learn from your mistakes in this punishing trial and error gameplay. Collecting targets will increase your score, by hitting multiple targets in one streak your points will increase. When you’ve collected enough coins it’s possible to upgrade your equipment and require skills like mid-air jumping, more speed or defense to survive longer in this laboratory of death.

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Epic Boss Fighter 2

epic boss fighter 2

After Blast defeated ten monstrous bosses he can finally take a rest and enjoy the fact that he brought peace on earth. Just as he thought it was over, more evil gigantic creatures emerge from the pits of hell to destroy the world. Once again you have to face them in a fight of life and death. The epic bosses have smarter A.I. then the creatures in part one of Epic Boss Fighter. Try to dodge their challenging attacks and dodge every bullet that flies across the screen. See through their attack and defense patterns and shoot them in the face with your mighty blaster! When you first start of Blast is still weak, collect coins to trade in for upgrades after each death to become stronger. The rogue-like elements are an interesting addition to the game which provides a high replay value. When you collected all the equipment and still can’t make it towards the final boss try entering co-op mode to take on the monsters with a friend. Try to beat the game on all game difficulties, normal, hard and insane. Good luck with hunting them all down!

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Strike Force Kitty 2

strike force kitty 2

In the peaceful Kingdom of Cats all the animals lived in harmony until one day the daughter of the Cat King was abducted by the evil foxes from a rivaling kingdom. The king declares war on the fox clan and gives an order to several cats to form up a team to undergo a dangerous rescue mission. Four kittens have been the chosen ones to rescue the kidnapped princes and infiltrate the Fox Kingdom. Strike Force Kitty is a runner game which means you can’t stop running, the screen scrolls automatically to the right all the time. The only thing you can do is jump or let yourself drop from different heights in the level. Try to collect as many fishes as you can, between runs you can spend your fishes on items and upgrades to buy weapons or items that affect your status. While infiltrating the enemy you will counter a lot of different evil foxes with many weapons to hurt you.

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Muddy Heights

muddy heights

For this awkward Unity 3D game you will need to appreciate toilet humor. In Muddy Heights you try to create as much chaos as possible while taking a dump from a rooftop. The star In this launch game is a guy who is stuck on the rooftop of a skyscraper, the doors to the staircase are locked from the inside. Suddenly nature calls so he does what he needs to do and answers, so he drops his pants to his ankles and leans over the ledge… The turd leaves his body and while travelling through the air it gains speed, then with a loud splat it hits the sidewalk. Then the shit hits the fan as the panic kicks in, the turd will create panic and make the innocent pedestrians run away in disgust. They will trip over each other and cause car crashes and other mayhem. You can buy items to upgrade your poo and make it more deadly. There are achievements to unlock with quirky names like ‘dump the dump’, ‘in the mouth’, ‘browned fruits’ and ‘cock-a-doodle-poo’. Yes, I know this game sounds weird, you don’t come across this off-color humor very often in a game. This one is definitely for people that can appreciate toilet humor.

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Slash Zombies Rampage

slash zombie rampage

Oh no it’s happening again, zombies are trying to take over the world, cities are burning to the ground! To stop the walking dead from eating every brain on the planet you will have to take place in your armored tank. While your mighty vehicle does most of the damage you will also have access to a variety of guns to shoot ‘em all up with your aiming skills. Decide if you squash them with your tank or pump them full of lead! Your goal is to reach day fifteen of the invasion, to survive you must make it to the safe zone where other survivors are staying. Be careful that your tank doesn’t take too much damage, if you run out of armor it will blow up. If you fail to make it through the day then it’s smart to buy upgrades for all the coins you pick up on your rampage. Make the decision if you would like to improve your tank or one of your guns with the earned money. Try to do everything in your power to stop the invasion and save the earth!

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