Castle Rush

castle rush

Do you like wasting some time with a good Tower Defense game? Then Castle Rush will potentially have the ability to satisfy your TD needs! This isn’t a classic tower defense game though, because you won’t be placing any buildings to defend the castle of this mighty kingdom. Castle Rush introduces a new way to play, you will have the amazing ability to play as the kingdom fortress of the empire yourself to fend of the multiple waves of pesky enemies! When you’re walking on the battlefield lots of different demons, skeletons, zombies and other evil creatures will try to overrun you. Defend yourself against them with your almost impenetrable walls, mighty rocks and shooting towers. By upgrading your offensive skills, defensive skills and abilities you will be able to grow stronger by the second. Ah, the joy of upgrading all the things never gets old doesn’t it!? Have fun playing this cool strategic tower defense game with a twist.

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Monster Bastion

monster bastion

Prepare yourself to play another cool Tower Defense game! In Monster Bastion it’s war in your kingdom. The enemy has invaded the borders and are creeping up on the king’s castle. In this Tower Defense title you play as the monsters and creatures and are trying to stop humans from overrunning your country. Use your army full of strong monster warriors to hold them back and eventually defeat them. Protect your territory by placing defensive towers and send your troops into battle! In this strategic defense game it’s important to consider where you place your towers since it will provide you tactical advantage to fight the hordes of enemies. It’s a lot of fun to play with the bad guys for once, feeling bad never felt so good! Have fun with this unique tower defense game.

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Nuke Defense

nuke defense

A great evil has risen from the shadows and is threatening to invade your lands with a demonic army. Protect your borders from the invasion of these foul creatures! Experience the action from a top down view and walk around to defend the territory. Run around in your red shiny dragon armor and chop all the evil creatures with your blade. Alternatively the warrior can use magical powers to melt through their faces. By adding elements from the tower defense genre to the gameplay mechanics it’s possible to build turrets that work very effective in assisting you killing the waves of enemies. Collect as many experience points as possible to receive skill points which you can spend to upgrade your abilities. Stop the great evil and defend your country in Nuke Defense!

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