The Fairyland Massacre

the fairylife massacre

In the year 3072 the future of planet earth is in great danger since it’s under attack by an alien planet from another galaxy called Narubi. You have been selected to get important information from the main computer of the hostile planet and kill every enemy soldier from Narubi that crosses your path. In Fairyland Massacre the hero is no ordinary soldier but an ingenious combination between man and machine filled to the teeth with weapons that delivers tons of damage. With the help of a teleportation device you will be able to beam between the two planets to reap death and destruction. As a cyborg you are programmed to kill everything that moves with your special chainsaw. The inhabitants of Fairyland are fantasy creatures such as unicorns, fairies, dwarves, trolls, elves and more of that cute stuff which is satisfying to hack-and-slash through. Happy slaughtering in Fairyland!

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