Boxing Live

boxing live
Let’s get ready to ruuuuumbleeeeee! Boxing is exciting to watch safely on television when you are sitting on your couch, but have you ever stepped into the ring yourself and looked your opponent straight n the eye? Have no fear because in this virtual sports game you won’t get any bruises or broken ribs from fighting. Create your own boxer in this exciting boxing game and train him to fight! Your ultimate goal is to win the World Championships with your own fighter, the road to the ultimate victory will be hard because you will come face to face with other rivals which are also trained fighting machines. Upgrade your skills while practicing and step into the ring to knockout all your rivals, become the world champion!

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Mr. Jump Online

mr jump online

Prepare to jump a lot in this extremely hard game, and get ready to die a lot at the same time! The goal of Mr. Jump Online is very easy to understand but hard to execute, you have to travel as far as possible and your only power is to jump. Since it’s an endless runner game you won’t be able to take a break from the platform challenges so you don’t play this game to relax. There are no checkpoints or power ups to pick up, nothing will make your life as Mr. Jump easier. Everything you touch will kill you instantly like in Flappy Bird of The Impossible game. Be prepared for some ultra-hard platform challenges which often feel unfair and are very frustrating. You will die very often in this punishing game, good luck and have ‘fun’ with this endless runner. This game is an alternative version from Mr. Jump which is available on iOS.

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