Brave Shorties

brave shorties

It’s time to start to stack the Brave Shorties on top of each others heads to attack your enemies. Collect golden coins, magical objects en a lot more loot out of treasure chests to recruit the best Brave Shortie army possible. There are a lot of unique units available to assemble your army, good luck crushing your opponents. Warning: This game is highly addictive, once you start stacking your Shorties there is no turning back!

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Royal Heroes


Welcome to the kingdom of Royal Heroes! In this story you play as a foot soldier that has just been promoted to the rank of general. In this new role it’s important to hire the right soldiers in the local tavern to build up your army. The tavern is filled with hired assassins or to speak in medieval terms, hired knights to build up your army. When you are victorious and successful in battle more soldiers will join your cause, it’s your goal to create an amazing team around you of recruits to enter a series of exciting battles. Depending on the balance from the units formation the outcome of the battle results will be influenced. Decide what the right role is for every individual soldier to be victorious!

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The War Cry: Goblins Attack

the war cry goblins

Goblins are nasty creatures that are always trying to create havoc and chaos for the people that want to live in peace and harmony. Our kingdom has been overrun by those nasty little critters so I greet you glorious warrior. For fifty years the horde of goblins have trampled our land and we can’t stand it any longer! I am too old to continue leading the army. Therefore I bestow this task on you Ermak! Bring me dozens of goblin heads, and then  you will earn the people’s trust and the army will follow you. Kill all the goblins by collecting gold to keep and command the army! Send miners to a source for gold and they will mine gold for you. You will be able to buy more warriors and defenders to increase the size of your army. Go ahead soldier, take the command of the army and wipe them away from our kingdom!

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Racehorse Tycoon

racehorse tycoon

The strategy genre has lots of subgenres, do the names Rollercoaster Tycoon and Theme park ring any bells in your mind? These two are classic examples of very fun and addicting Tycoon games. In this tycoon game with strategic and RPG elements you have to breed a racehorse by making use of these role playing features. Choose a horse and train him and make sure to pay attention to every detail. All the small elements are of importance and every choice you make will have influence on his performance, pick the right jockey, feed him the right food, use the right training methods and let him rest in time. All the elements will have influence on your horse. Join races and win all the matches to collect as many trophies as possible in this amazing horse-racing role playing game!

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Nuke Defense

nuke defense

A great evil has risen from the shadows and is threatening to invade your lands with a demonic army. Protect your borders from the invasion of these foul creatures! Experience the action from a top down view and walk around to defend the territory. Run around in your red shiny dragon armor and chop all the evil creatures with your blade. Alternatively the warrior can use magical powers to melt through their faces. By adding elements from the tower defense genre to the gameplay mechanics it’s possible to build turrets that work very effective in assisting you killing the waves of enemies. Collect as many experience points as possible to receive skill points which you can spend to upgrade your abilities. Stop the great evil and defend your country in Nuke Defense!

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Celebrate Christmas

christmas games

Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas! Santa Claus is coming to town again this year. Celebrate the start of the winter season with this great collection of games approved by Santa himself. Check out the large selection of fun and festive games with a Christmas theme on to invoke your Christmas spirit early. In Christmas Sorter you will take on the roll as Santa’s little helper. As his personal assistant your job is to sort the gifts with a special Christmas tree. Throw the gifts into the correct bags to score points. In the game Santa’s Fall Santa Claus is in big trouble, when he was flying through the sky he got hit by fireworks. You must save Santa and help him to land safely on the snowy ground. Make sure that all the beautiful gifts aren’t lost or the children will be sad. Collect all the snowflakes to score extra points and increase your high score. In Frosty’s Adventure you won’t be assisting Santa Claus but a funny snowman. In this puzzle game your purpose is to reunite the body of Frosty the snowman in eight levels by collecting his cold body parts and attaching them together.

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