Roboduck Football 2030

roboduck football 2030

The way that we play sports in the future will be very different than the way we practice it now. Some visionary game developers are already realizing the way they think the future of playing sports will be. In this game you will play as a team of Roboducks against another team of mechanical duckies. As you might have already guessed, these creatures are an exotic combination between a robot and a duck created in a laboratory. Wait, that’s not weird enough for you? Ok, the robotic ducks are also programmed to play football with each other to bring bread and circuses to the people. In this turn based soccer match you have to pass the ball between your teammates towards the goal of your enemy. Because of the interesting and unique turn based mechanics and tactics the match will become very complex and provides enough challenge for advanced players. Pick up power ups to make your ducks stronger and watch out for the explosions or they will become weaker. Have fun playing a match of Roboduck Football!

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