Fitness Workout XL


Do you work out enough or sit behind your desk all day long playing games? A half an hour a day should do the trick to keep fit, so they say. Check out this game called Fitness Workout! Choose between a male or female character and start working out with them. Make a choice if you want a male or female character and find the perfect rhythm, exercises and daily routine to pump those muscles to the max! Go on, get in shape in Fitness Workout XL and who knows…you might get inspired to do some training yourself.

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Skydiving Game

skydiving game

This game will take you straight back to the nostalgic 16-bit era when the game Pilot Wings was a hit on the SNES. In this similar Skydiving game you will be dropped out of a plane high above the clouds. Like a real skydiver you will speed like a bullet that just left a gun through the air towards the surface of the earth. Make sure to open your parachute in time to secure a safe landing. Steer with the left en right cursor keys to adjust the way you float through the air. While flying through the colorful design of this 3D world you have to try to score points while air surfing through all the rings. Make sure you make a safe landing on the surface of the earth.

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Downhill Snowboard 2

downhill snowboard 2

Snowboarding is a very cool extreme sport to enjoy when you’re on a winter holiday. You can pull of some serious amazing stunts with a wooden plank in the snow if you’re skilled enough. In the sequel from the popular Downhill Snowboard game you have to show your skills in an exciting match between other snowboarders. Pick a character and take your board to the highest snow covered peak in this exciting winter themed game. While going downhill you must perform all kinds of tricks to score as many points as possible. Try to avoid obstacles so you don’t fall down and break your bones. The fun part of this game is that you can perform amazing stunts on your snowboard without having to worry that you get an accident. Have fun playing the second part of Downhill Snowboard!

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