Panda Love

panda love

Pandas are fluffy creatures who eat bamboo all day long while doing nothing special. In this game you play as a more active panda bear. Instead of chewing up a whole bamboo forest you are on a coin collecting quest through a series of platforming challenges with an increasing difficulty curve. Get yourself ready for some serious running and jumping with these panda’s because this is an endless runner game which doesn’t give you a break. Like in similar games you won’t be able to stop so you have to act and think fast like in One button Arthur and One button Bob. The controls of this game are very simple, you only have to tap with your finger or click with your mouse once to make the panda jump. No, there is no bamboo eating button, just one lousy button to jump in the air. In all the levels the goal is to collect the gold that is scattered across the environment, when you’ve collected all the coins the way out will be unlocked, the entrance to the next level will be revealed. Good luck and have fun barging this black and white colored bear through these difficult levels.

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Bosh Rush Apocalypse

Bosh Rush Apocalypse

At the end of a stage there is often a boss creature that prevents you from making progress to the next stage to test your skills. If you have difficulty in finding the right tactic to kill it here is a great game in which you can train against them. Hone your skills against these large beasts and increase your tactics. You will start of by fighting a boss character immediately from scratch so there is no learning curve. After finally defeating the first boss it will come back with vengeance twice as strong, and after that it will multiply in difficulty. Try to defeat all the bosses to win the game. The difficulty will increase so if you’re an inexperienced player you will be killed for sure and don’t get frustrated. Hack and slash through these bosses and don’t get tricked by their fluffy appearances. How many will you be able to kill before they kill you? All kinds of powerups and weapons will assist you to kill the living daylight out of them. Good luck defeating all the bosses in Bosh Rush Apocalypse!

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Boxing Live

boxing live
Let’s get ready to ruuuuumbleeeeee! Boxing is exciting to watch safely on television when you are sitting on your couch, but have you ever stepped into the ring yourself and looked your opponent straight n the eye? Have no fear because in this virtual sports game you won’t get any bruises or broken ribs from fighting. Create your own boxer in this exciting boxing game and train him to fight! Your ultimate goal is to win the World Championships with your own fighter, the road to the ultimate victory will be hard because you will come face to face with other rivals which are also trained fighting machines. Upgrade your skills while practicing and step into the ring to knockout all your rivals, become the world champion!

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