Vulpin Adventure

Welcome traveler! You look like a smart, tough, young fellow who likes to put energy in a mission for the cause. We are in need of a strong and kind person that has the motivation to embark on a dangerous adventure. We want to ask you to get rid of the monster problems that are pestering the village. Our land has always been protected by the mighty Starstone, her light defended our borders against enemy creatures. The stone has been smashed to pieces, that’s why you are our last hope to send the monsters all to hell while being assisted by a strange creature that’s called the Vulpin.

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Super Ultra Drunk Fighting Arcade Simulator

super ultra drunk fighting simulator

This is an arcade simulator in which you control a drunken fighter! Did you ever play the ‘game’ QWOP? The clunky way to control the athlete is the most difficult part of the game and that is why it has received praise from gamers from all ages. And yes, of course this is a game that doesn’t take itself seriously, it just makes fun of itself and lets the player get frustrated very fast. Super Ultra Drunk Fighting Arcade Simulator is definitely inspired by QWOP. The game is best described as a fighting game in the style of Tekken or Virtua Fighter with Qwoppy controls. Watch out that you don’t miss a hit or you will fall down with your boozed up head or you will lose the battle. Good luck fighting with these drunken fighters!

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Racehorse Tycoon

racehorse tycoon

The strategy genre has lots of subgenres, do the names Rollercoaster Tycoon and Theme park ring any bells in your mind? These two are classic examples of very fun and addicting Tycoon games. In this tycoon game with strategic and RPG elements you have to breed a racehorse by making use of these role playing features. Choose a horse and train him and make sure to pay attention to every detail. All the small elements are of importance and every choice you make will have influence on his performance, pick the right jockey, feed him the right food, use the right training methods and let him rest in time. All the elements will have influence on your horse. Join races and win all the matches to collect as many trophies as possible in this amazing horse-racing role playing game!

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Castle: Lite

castle lite

Yes, even kings need to use the restroom once in a while. While squatting on the royal toilet his royal highness stumbles upon a advert in the paper that says there is an unfinished castle for sale, the ad is offering a lot of discount. For half the price you will be able to buy this beautiful medieval structure, it only needs some small tweaks and adjustments. Build your castle with towers, rooms and extra walls until you have created your big dream castle. Construct your castles in many different surroundings like snowy landscapes, hot deserts, forests and oceanic areas. Good luck and have fun playing Castle: Lite!

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