The Ourobos is a mystical ancient symbol which depicts a snake which bites itself in the tail and tries to eat itself. The snake grows at his tail while he is eating his body so in summary, there is no way this eternal process can be stopped. The amazing Ourobos symbol stands for infinity in all the things. This game is about the planet Ourobos. We lost contact with our crew on the planet ourobos. 22 hours ago we are sending you in to explore and find things out. Get your butt to the surface on planet ourobos and start exploring to find out what’s going on. In this cool rescue missions the female hero of this game must run and gun through dangerous platforming challenges. Blast your enemies away with your special space gun called ‘the combuster’ and collect more guns and different upgrades to become stronger. If you like Metroidvania games ourobos is your cup of tea. The platforming, alien like creatures and even the portals to the next level show a lot of similarities. The protagonist even looks a bit like Samus Aran when she has her suit off. Find out what’s going on and rescue your crew members before it’s too late.

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Space Vader

space vader

If you were a kid that grew up in the 90’s or late 80’s that loved playing video games you probably once inserted a coin piece in the slot of an old-school Arcade machine. One of the popular games that made these Arcades popular was called Space Invaders. In this classic science fiction space shooter you have to defeat groups of evil alien creatures that are trying to invade the earth. You must destroy them all and set up a strong defense so no earthly buildings are being destroyed. In the free to play online browser game Space Vader you have to man your spaceship once again to save the earth from an invasion of otherworldly uglies. The evil creatures from outer space once again share a common goal: destroying the earth by invading. Be a part of the last human resistance and defend one of the last key defenses of the planet earth to save humanity! Kill all the bad guys with your laser gun to advance to the next level.

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Gornax is the name of an evil monster which is destroying planet earth bit by bit and getting stronger every second. A team of special forces has been recruited to take on the ugly, terrible Gornax. Choose if you play solo or take on the evil abomination up to four players in the exciting multiplayer co-op mode. Destroy his layers of armor and pump his twelve eyes full of lead. The spider like demon creature with two parasites as hosts in his mouth that shoot electric balls are very dangerous. The sight of this creepy Lovecraftian creature makes Cthulhu a soft pink bunny. Battle the creature with a team of four space marines, dodge his attacks by running around and don’t get hit by projectiles by using dash button which activates your jet-pack for a short while. Pick up power ups for your guns and armor to destroy his armor and crush his defenses layer by layer. If you like epic boss fighter series you will love this game.

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The Fairyland Massacre

the fairylife massacre

In the year 3072 the future of planet earth is in great danger since it’s under attack by an alien planet from another galaxy called Narubi. You have been selected to get important information from the main computer of the hostile planet and kill every enemy soldier from Narubi that crosses your path. In Fairyland Massacre the hero is no ordinary soldier but an ingenious combination between man and machine filled to the teeth with weapons that delivers tons of damage. With the help of a teleportation device you will be able to beam between the two planets to reap death and destruction. As a cyborg you are programmed to kill everything that moves with your special chainsaw. The inhabitants of Fairyland are fantasy creatures such as unicorns, fairies, dwarves, trolls, elves and more of that cute stuff which is satisfying to hack-and-slash through. Happy slaughtering in Fairyland!

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Epic Boss Fighter 2

epic boss fighter 2

After Blast defeated ten monstrous bosses he can finally take a rest and enjoy the fact that he brought peace on earth. Just as he thought it was over, more evil gigantic creatures emerge from the pits of hell to destroy the world. Once again you have to face them in a fight of life and death. The epic bosses have smarter A.I. then the creatures in part one of Epic Boss Fighter. Try to dodge their challenging attacks and dodge every bullet that flies across the screen. See through their attack and defense patterns and shoot them in the face with your mighty blaster! When you first start of Blast is still weak, collect coins to trade in for upgrades after each death to become stronger. The rogue-like elements are an interesting addition to the game which provides a high replay value. When you collected all the equipment and still can’t make it towards the final boss try entering co-op mode to take on the monsters with a friend. Try to beat the game on all game difficulties, normal, hard and insane. Good luck with hunting them all down!

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Man or Monster

man or monster

In a videogame you usually take on the roll as the good guy who is stereotypically fighting the bad guys to save the world from evil. In Man Or Monster you are given a choice between playing the hero or the bad guy. When you chose to play as a human you are being dropped in a fictional city where a monster is on a rampage, he is destroying everything on his path. Blow this gigantic Godzilla-like monsters brains out to stop him. When you choose to play as the monster you will have to be the one to create chaos and destruction in the streets and will be fighting against the human soldier. It’s a lot of fun to play the same game two different ways, which gives Man or Monster a high replay value. Let’s hope that there will be a multiplayer option in the future so you can battle your friends!

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Muddy Heights

muddy heights

For this awkward Unity 3D game you will need to appreciate toilet humor. In Muddy Heights you try to create as much chaos as possible while taking a dump from a rooftop. The star In this launch game is a guy who is stuck on the rooftop of a skyscraper, the doors to the staircase are locked from the inside. Suddenly nature calls so he does what he needs to do and answers, so he drops his pants to his ankles and leans over the ledge… The turd leaves his body and while travelling through the air it gains speed, then with a loud splat it hits the sidewalk. Then the shit hits the fan as the panic kicks in, the turd will create panic and make the innocent pedestrians run away in disgust. They will trip over each other and cause car crashes and other mayhem. You can buy items to upgrade your poo and make it more deadly. There are achievements to unlock with quirky names like ‘dump the dump’, ‘in the mouth’, ‘browned fruits’ and ‘cock-a-doodle-poo’. Yes, I know this game sounds weird, you don’t come across this off-color humor very often in a game. This one is definitely for people that can appreciate toilet humor.

Watch a gameplay video:


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Slash Zombies Rampage

slash zombie rampage

Oh no it’s happening again, zombies are trying to take over the world, cities are burning to the ground! To stop the walking dead from eating every brain on the planet you will have to take place in your armored tank. While your mighty vehicle does most of the damage you will also have access to a variety of guns to shoot ‘em all up with your aiming skills. Decide if you squash them with your tank or pump them full of lead! Your goal is to reach day fifteen of the invasion, to survive you must make it to the safe zone where other survivors are staying. Be careful that your tank doesn’t take too much damage, if you run out of armor it will blow up. If you fail to make it through the day then it’s smart to buy upgrades for all the coins you pick up on your rampage. Make the decision if you would like to improve your tank or one of your guns with the earned money. Try to do everything in your power to stop the invasion and save the earth!

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