Welcome to Shadowscape, a dark platform adventure game in which you have to help a boy out of Limbo. Therefore you have to help him to overcome all the difficult challenges to reach the exit in every level. When you enter this strange world you ask yourself one question. Do you belong there? You must be more than darkness. I can see it in your eyes. Darkness seeks to destroy you. And still…you feel like you belong to it. But it lies upon your will to keep going to stay alive. Sometimes it will seem tough and it really but you still can beat this dark world. Sometimes timing and strong thighs are the key to success. Other times staying calmed is key. You must be careful in such a treacherous land for any step may keep you I the battle or take you out. Fill the red bar to earn extra lives and get used to the punishing trial and error gameplay. Enjoy playing Shadowscape and try to help this boy out of Limbo!

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