Strike Force Kitty 2

strike force kitty 2

In the peaceful Kingdom of Cats all the animals lived in harmony until one day the daughter of the Cat King was abducted by the evil foxes from a rivaling kingdom. The king declares war on the fox clan and gives an order to several cats to form up a team to undergo a dangerous rescue mission. Four kittens have been the chosen ones to rescue the kidnapped princes and infiltrate the Fox Kingdom. Strike Force Kitty is a runner game which means you can’t stop running, the screen scrolls automatically to the right all the time. The only thing you can do is jump or let yourself drop from different heights in the level. Try to collect as many fishes as you can, between runs you can spend your fishes on items and upgrades to buy weapons or items that affect your status. While infiltrating the enemy you will counter a lot of different evil foxes with many weapons to hurt you.

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Jetpack Joyride

jetpack joyride

Jetpack Joyride is an endless runner game which was originally created for iOS devices. On you can play the free online browser version of this addicting game called Brian Blastoff. In Jetpack Joyride you take control of a futuristic soldier equipped with a jetpack. The only way to change the movement of the character is to hold the left mouse button or the space bar to ignite the jetpack and control the vertical height of the hero. When you let go of the button the soldier will descend. The objective is the same like in every other runner game: travel as far as possible and don’t die while trying. Rush through a dangerous world filled to the brim with hazardous traps and lots of enemies. Collect special bonus items like jetpack boosts and special armors with abilities to assist you in your run. Try to pick up as many coins as possible to spend on various bonus prizes and improve your skills.

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Geometry Dash (The Impossible Game)

geometry dash

The Impossible Game is now available to play in your web browser! The free to play online version of this very hard mobile game is called Geometry Dash. The title says it all, it is impossible to beat this game! Or isn’t it? Find out for yourself! The controls are easy to understand, simply press the space bar or use your left mouse button to jump with the geometrical square over all kinds of obstacles. The gameplay on the other hand is extremely hard to master and very punishing: one wrong jump and you have to start all over again. Train your reaction speed and timing to get as far as possible in Geometry Dash and try to beat the game, if it’s beatable ofcourse. Get ready for a serious trial-and-error experience and don’t get frustrated playing this impossible game!

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