Badland Online


Ah finally the day has arrived that it is possible to play a free to play online browser version of this amazing game available! Badlands is a dark, surreal adventure in which you try to make your way through a series of levels filled with obstacles and dangerous traps.  Pick up special items that will grow your character or make him smaller. Enjoy this amazing platforming game!

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Flies Commander


In this game you are ‘pretty fly’ with these two winged insects. Assist these flies in the best way possible on their mission. The flies are always hungry and are demanding lots of food to fill their bellies. And no, their favorite meal doesn’t consist of vegetables and fruit. All they want is of course some nice and sweet snacks! They are on the hunt for cake, pies, chocolate and other candy. Dodge all the traps and dangers in order to get all the candy in the basket to create the sweetest feast the world of flies has ever seen! Good luck becoming the Lord of the Flies!

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Starry Knight

starry knight

‘Starry night, holy night,’ the chances are high that you’ve probably heard this song before, because everybody celebrates Christmas who has English as their mother language. This game has nothing to do with the winter holiday though because the title is Starry Knight. You take on the role as a heroic knight who has to collect all the stars in a total of twenty eight levels. All this effort must be made to finally save the princess, a well-known classic scenario of course. While travelling you will be challenged in several difficult challenges that must be conquered by manipulating different elements of the levels. The starry knight has the power to drag around and rotate a variety of platforms and blocks to fix the route to the next challenge. Manipulating the cool physics in this game is your main task in this game. Conquer all the dangers and obstacles to save the love of your life in starry knight, destroy evil and let love rule!

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Hell on Duty

hell on duty

Fill up your cannon with human corpses and skeletons and launch them against the army of evil devils and demons that have invaded your kingdom! In Hell on Duty you are given the task to destroy a horde of hell spawns and send them straight back to the underworld where they came from. To do this you received a cannon from the king’s armory to use. The cannon fodder is very unusual, since you are under siege by the demons you have no normal ammunition left. Use the corpses of the dead to fill up your cannon and shoot the demons. Blow them of the edge to drop them into a magical cauldron to kill them off with magic. Make effective use of the cannon to win the battle, good luck defending the kingdom in this exciting launch game!

The Magnetic Cat

the magnetic cat

The Magnetic Cat is an exciting puzzle platformer with interesting mechanics in which you play as a cat with special powers. To overcome obstacles you have to make use of the amazing skill this special feline possesses. The kitty has the power to be attracted by magnetic loaded objects, isn’t that something? Click on the metal blocks that are spread out in the level to magnetize them, click again with your mouse button to demagnetize the objects. The cat will automatically be attracted to the magnetized block to overcome obstacles if he is in the range of the magnetic power. Choose wisely and don’t spam your magnets because with every magnet your power will become less powerful. Make the best decisions to successfully complete all the stages with the amazing Magnetic Cat!

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Kill the Plumber

kill the plumber

Sound the alarm! A maniac is entering our peaceful kingdom of goomba’s, koopatroopa’s, hammerbrothers and spinnies. This crazy person looks a lot like the famous Italian plumber Super Mario, he destroys the inhabitants of our peaceful land by jumping on their heads. As a goomba you have been selected to take him out before he destroys the whole kingdom and all of your friends. Puzzle it out in every level how to go near him and kill this invader without getting stomped on the head yourself! Destroy Mario and rely on the power of the Goomba’s!

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Hippo Chef

hippo chef

Hippo’s are large creatures that will eat almost anything to keep their belly filled and satisfied. In this game you must help a Hippo Chef to collect all the food in screen. He doesn’t eat meat so his diet forces him to eat all the fruit he can find. Transfer all the delicious fruit to the hungry hippo so he can cook a fantastic meal for himself. The fun physics of this puzzler increase with difficulty every time you advance a level. While you’re at it, try to collect all the stars in each level to increase your score. Use all gadgets and manipulate objects to get the fruit in his mouth and still the huge appetite of the chef.

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Cut the Monster 2

cut the monsters 2

In the second part of Cut the Monster it’s time to defeat all the nasty monsters once again. To accomplish this you have to make efficient use of your powerful laser cannon. Shoot destructive lasers out of your blaster to cut all the monsters to pieces! Every type of monster requires a different tactic to blast them to pieces so try to find out what the best way is to defeat every kind of creature. While you’re splitting the monster brains there is another important goal of the game: Try to collect all the stars in every level to receive bonus points. Having fun shooting lasers in this challenging puzzle game with mindbending physics, cut all the monsters!

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Bring me the Star

bring me the star

Bring me the star is an adventurous platform game with exciting puzzle elements. The protagonist you control is a little creature who is an eye witness of a comet that crashes down on his home planet. You must go on a quest together with the main character to explore the glowing rock that just landed on the surface. The player can chose between multiple roads to accomplish the goal in Bring me the Star. The magical world of Bring me the Star is very interesting to explore because of the charming art style, the simplistic pixelated graphics resemble the 8-bit graphics from the old days. Have fun playing this charming game with interesting puzzle and platform challenges.

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Collect all the food in Hedgehog Cute

hedgehog cute

Hedgehogs are real scavengers, the little creatures are always on a quest for food. They collect all kinds of fruit and nuts to get a nice supply for the winter so they can survive until the spring comes again. In this game you must help a cute hedgehog to collect all kinds of different food before the cold is coming, so try to fill his den with as much food as you can. To collect the food you have to learn to control the game mechanics the right way. Instead of a ball you will use the hedgehog himself to try to collect as many fruit and nuts as you can in each stage. The game mechanics provide an interesting challenge, when you rotate the screen the hedgehog will roll the direction you tilt the puzzle. Watch out for all the traps and many other dangers in Hedgehog cute cause when you injure yourself to much the game is over. The mechanic which enables you to rotate the screen provides an interesting way of playing this amazing puzzle game!

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