Whack your Boss: superhero style!


In this crazy whacking game you take on the role as a worker that gets no respect from his boss. He has had it with his boss and plans his revenge on a creative way. Attack your boss with an arsenal of exotic and deadly weapons, it’s possible to fry him with a Hadoken, slice him up with a katana and torture him with the right tools to teach him a lesson he will not soon forget. Have fun torturing and killing your boss in a lot of different ways to get that totally satisfying, sweet revenge!

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Investigator and the case of Chekhov’s gun

Investigator and the case of Chekhov’s gun

In this mysterious point and click detective it’s your job to solve a very strange suicide. Your job as an investigator is to search for clues and hints to crack the case. Every clue hints that a crime has been committed and this was a cold blooded murder instead of an accident. Work together with special investigator Bad Luck Duck and interrogate multiple characters to try to get to the bottom of this. Clear the case and reveal the truth about this so called suicide in the amazing detective game Investigator and the case of Chekhov’s gun. If you ever wanted to feel how a real detective handles a murder case like this one you should check out Investigator and the case of Chekhov’s gun. Good luck and have fun!

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Katy Perry Rescue

katy perry rescue

Katy Perry Rescue is an entertaining point ‘n’ click game with a Katy Perry theme. Try to solve all the puzzles in this adventure to save Katy. The famous singer is kidnapped by an Egyptian mummy who caught her by surprise while shooting her video for the song ‘Dark Horse’. The evil mummy is keeping her trapped inside his giant pyramid since then, god only knows what evil stuff he does to her. A true male fan named Cody Jones steps forward and decides to take the role as hero. He bravely steps into the tomb of the mummy and descends the staircase. Help the hero to rescue this famous singer before they take her life. Every Katy Perry fan counts on you to complete your quest, solve every puzzle to save her!

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Spitter is a kind of strange but very original game where the hero is bothered by an mischievous bird who lives in the your garden. The bird loves to bully you, for example: he uses your morning coffee instead of using the bird toilet for his bio break. You decide that it’s time to do something about the pesky bird. To drop him of the garden fence you decide to spit him down! Complete challenges to train your mouth muscles so you can spit further and eventually hit him in the head from your bedroom window.  If you’re looking for some laughs and enjoyable point and click gameplay you should give Spitter a try.

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