Mr. Jump Online

mr jump online

Prepare to jump a lot in this extremely hard game, and get ready to die a lot at the same time! The goal of Mr. Jump Online is very easy to understand but hard to execute, you have to travel as far as possible and your only power is to jump. Since it’s an endless runner game you won’t be able to take a break from the platform challenges so you don’t play this game to relax. There are no checkpoints or power ups to pick up, nothing will make your life as Mr. Jump easier. Everything you touch will kill you instantly like in Flappy Bird of The Impossible game. Be prepared for some ultra-hard platform challenges which often feel unfair and are very frustrating. You will die very often in this punishing game, good luck and have ‘fun’ with this endless runner. This game is an alternative version from Mr. Jump which is available on iOS.

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Bring me the Star

bring me the star

Bring me the star is an adventurous platform game with exciting puzzle elements. The protagonist you control is a little creature who is an eye witness of a comet that crashes down on his home planet. You must go on a quest together with the main character to explore the glowing rock that just landed on the surface. The player can chose between multiple roads to accomplish the goal in Bring me the Star. The magical world of Bring me the Star is very interesting to explore because of the charming art style, the simplistic pixelated graphics resemble the 8-bit graphics from the old days. Have fun playing this charming game with interesting puzzle and platform challenges.

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Parkour Game

parkour game

Parkouring or free running is an acrobatic way of moving around to overcome all kinds of obstacles. Parkour includes running, vaulting, jumping, climbing, rolling and swinging to get to different places. In this game it’s your goal to run and jump through the city as smooth as possible between obstacles while performing acrobatic stunts and tricks. You’re illegally trespassing other people’s property while parkouring and unfortunately that caught attention of the cops. You have to use your parkour skills to outrun the police as best as you can. The city is full of useful stuff to use while free running: rooftops, houses, fences and trees can make your escape more easy and prevent to get caught by the cops. If you make combo leaps and spray graffiti on the walls to annoy the cops you will receive extra points.

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Tiny Jumper

tiny jumper

In Tiny Jumper you play as a funny little ball with eyes. He (or she?) has no powers or special abilities except for the power of jumping. There is no clear story in Tiny Jumper, the only objective you have is to make your way through an intergalactic world and travel as far as possible. You jump between a collection of meteors which vary in size. Be careful you don’t fall in the pits cause it will cause instant death. The double jumping skill will come in handy on many occasions, you will be able to correct a bad jump in the air with your second attempt. It will be necessary to make use of the skill because the little planets turn around on different speeds which makes it more difficult to jump across them.

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Puzzling with portals in Portalizer


If you’re a frequent gamer you’ve probably played or heard from Valve’s amazing Portal games. To solve every room Portalizer makes use of puzzle mechanics that are obviously inspired by Portal: shoot one portal against a surface with your gun to create an entrance and add another one for the exit. The dimensional portals are connected with each other, in this way you will be able to walk through one of them and end up exiting the other one. Your puzzle and shooting skills will be important to solve every level in this amazing 3D platformer with Portal mechanics.

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Geometry Dash (The Impossible Game)

geometry dash

The Impossible Game is now available to play in your web browser! The free to play online version of this very hard mobile game is called Geometry Dash. The title says it all, it is impossible to beat this game! Or isn’t it? Find out for yourself! The controls are easy to understand, simply press the space bar or use your left mouse button to jump with the geometrical square over all kinds of obstacles. The gameplay on the other hand is extremely hard to master and very punishing: one wrong jump and you have to start all over again. Train your reaction speed and timing to get as far as possible in Geometry Dash and try to beat the game, if it’s beatable ofcourse. Get ready for a serious trial-and-error experience and don’t get frustrated playing this impossible game!

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