Badland Online


Ah finally the day has arrived that it is possible to play a free to play online browser version of this amazing game available! Badlands is a dark, surreal adventure in which you try to make your way through a series of levels filled with obstacles and dangerous traps.  Pick up special items that will grow your character or make him smaller. Enjoy this amazing platforming game!

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Endless Lake


In Endless Lake you have to assist a little guy to overcome all the dangers of the mysterious lake that is found on a strange planet. The only power you possess is to jump. Time your jumps to the max and find the right moments to perform the leaps to advance in the levels. Collect all the golden coins which can be spend after every run to increase your powers and abilities. When you get to a specific number of points it is possible to unlock new characters who can help you discover if this lake is really endless…

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Welcome to Shadowscape, a dark platform adventure game in which you have to help a boy out of Limbo. Therefore you have to help him to overcome all the difficult challenges to reach the exit in every level. When you enter this strange world you ask yourself one question. Do you belong there? You must be more than darkness. I can see it in your eyes. Darkness seeks to destroy you. And still…you feel like you belong to it. But it lies upon your will to keep going to stay alive. Sometimes it will seem tough and it really but you still can beat this dark world. Sometimes timing and strong thighs are the key to success. Other times staying calmed is key. You must be careful in such a treacherous land for any step may keep you I the battle or take you out. Fill the red bar to earn extra lives and get used to the punishing trial and error gameplay. Enjoy playing Shadowscape and try to help this boy out of Limbo!

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Tiny Dangerous Dungeons

tiny dangerous dungeons

The Metroidvania genre combines the best elements from games like Metroid and Castlevania in one gaming experience. In the 2D platform adventure game Tiny Dangerous Dungeons you control a tiny hero which has to overcome all kinds of obstacles. Death lurks in every corner, defeat all the enemies that will make your path to victory harder. All kinds of dangerous beasts will attack you like piranha’s, bats, frogs and other critters. Experience an open-world platformer in 2D in which you can choose between a variety of forking paths and start exploring. The graphics resemble the glorious handheld Gameboy era. Have fun playing Tiny Dangerous Dungeons!

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The Magnetic Cat

the magnetic cat

The Magnetic Cat is an exciting puzzle platformer with interesting mechanics in which you play as a cat with special powers. To overcome obstacles you have to make use of the amazing skill this special feline possesses. The kitty has the power to be attracted by magnetic loaded objects, isn’t that something? Click on the metal blocks that are spread out in the level to magnetize them, click again with your mouse button to demagnetize the objects. The cat will automatically be attracted to the magnetized block to overcome obstacles if he is in the range of the magnetic power. Choose wisely and don’t spam your magnets because with every magnet your power will become less powerful. Make the best decisions to successfully complete all the stages with the amazing Magnetic Cat!

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Kill the Plumber

kill the plumber

Sound the alarm! A maniac is entering our peaceful kingdom of goomba’s, koopatroopa’s, hammerbrothers and spinnies. This crazy person looks a lot like the famous Italian plumber Super Mario, he destroys the inhabitants of our peaceful land by jumping on their heads. As a goomba you have been selected to take him out before he destroys the whole kingdom and all of your friends. Puzzle it out in every level how to go near him and kill this invader without getting stomped on the head yourself! Destroy Mario and rely on the power of the Goomba’s!

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