Paris Rex

paris rex

Roooaaarrrr!!! Meet the Tyrannosaurus Rex, one of the most dangerous giant lizards that ever roamed the earth. In prehistoric times this T-Rex reigned supreme and was on top of the food chain. In this game it is your turn to take control of a T-Rex yourself. The goal of the game is also very cool because you only have one goal; to create chaos and destruction in the city. And this is not just any, no this monstrous beast chose to bring chaos to the beautiful surroundings of the French capital called Paris. Crush everything that crosses your path and stomp all the inhabitants under your feet so they splat like bugs under a shoe. Still the appetite of the giant lizard by eating fleshy humans, a fun way to keep your health bar to the max. Oh and one more cool thing that can be done, when you eat a gasoline tank for example you will be able to spit fire for a short time to barbecue the civilians. The game has similarities with Big Bad Ape, which is also available for free online on Good luck and have fun destroying Paris to smithereens, whether it is with a giant monkey or a lizard.

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