The Ourobos is a mystical ancient symbol which depicts a snake which bites itself in the tail and tries to eat itself. The snake grows at his tail while he is eating his body so in summary, there is no way this eternal process can be stopped. The amazing Ourobos symbol stands for infinity in all the things. This game is about the planet Ourobos. We lost contact with our crew on the planet ourobos. 22 hours ago we are sending you in to explore and find things out. Get your butt to the surface on planet ourobos and start exploring to find out what’s going on. In this cool rescue missions the female hero of this game must run and gun through dangerous platforming challenges. Blast your enemies away with your special space gun called ‘the combuster’ and collect more guns and different upgrades to become stronger. If you like Metroidvania games ourobos is your cup of tea. The platforming, alien like creatures and even the portals to the next level show a lot of similarities. The protagonist even looks a bit like Samus Aran when she has her suit off. Find out what’s going on and rescue your crew members before it’s too late.

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