Since the free to play online browser game Agiro.io came out and was played by a lot of gamers it was just a matter of time before the internet was taken over by clones that wanted to ride on the train of short hype and success. In Wilds.io you play as a strong warrior that will have to fight it out in a battle against a horde of other warriors in a gigantic multiplayer arena. If you kill your opponents you will become stronger, a familiar and returning element in the .io gameplay genre if you’ve been playing one before. When you are slain by an enemy that’s stronger than you are you have to start all over again. To become stronger it’s smart to pick up special items like power and health potions. It’s even smarter to join or form a guild, because you are stronger when you’re standing with an army that single mindedly want to usurp all their enemies. So what are you waiting for? Join the multiplayer mayhem and become the strongest warrior on the battlefield!

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In this arcade style multiplayer game you will be challenged to create a very big snake in a crazy arena. The other players also own a small snake that they want to grow bigger and bigger. Warning, this can be a very addicting game! If you are familiar with the classic snake game from the old days you will love to discover the new way the franchise has been resurrected in Slither.io. Get into an arena with a bunch of other players and control your own digital snake. The purpose of course is to get your own snake stronger and longer than the other player. Try not to bump into the rival snakes or you will die a terrible death and won’t be able to win the Slither.io tournament! Eat to become larger en don’t crash into the other snakes. Good luck and have fun in this amazing crazy multiplayer game!

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Agario or Agar.io is the next big trend for casual indie gaming, this free to play browser game has gained a large player base that is still growing in numbers. Even if it’s gameplay might seem extremely simplistic in the beginning, the mechanics are deeper then you’d first expect. The game puts you in control of a colored dot which has to be navigated around the playfield. It reminds a lot of looking through a microscope while watching bacteria split each other and join up together. After touching other dots that float around in the area you will ‘eat’ them. By engulfing the dots that have the same color as your avatar it will slightly grow in size. But beware because other players are also roaming the screen for some nice snacks so they can evolve to. Pay close attention to your surroundings: avoid being eaten by the rival players! Dodge the attacks in the hectic environment and chase other organisms to devour them. If you are eaten you have to start all over again as a small cell. It’s your goal to create the biggest dot that eats all the other competitors. It’s eat or be eaten in this addictive multiplayer game!

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Gornax is the name of an evil monster which is destroying planet earth bit by bit and getting stronger every second. A team of special forces has been recruited to take on the ugly, terrible Gornax. Choose if you play solo or take on the evil abomination up to four players in the exciting multiplayer co-op mode. Destroy his layers of armor and pump his twelve eyes full of lead. The spider like demon creature with two parasites as hosts in his mouth that shoot electric balls are very dangerous. The sight of this creepy Lovecraftian creature makes Cthulhu a soft pink bunny. Battle the creature with a team of four space marines, dodge his attacks by running around and don’t get hit by projectiles by using dash button which activates your jet-pack for a short while. Pick up power ups for your guns and armor to destroy his armor and crush his defenses layer by layer. If you like epic boss fighter series you will love this game.

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Prepare yourself, a hostile swarm of alien creatures are trying to invade the earth! Luckily for the people of planet earth the heroic BaseBros duo is willing to take on the tough job of defending the earth. Use the anti-air turrets to shoot alien aircraft down from the skies and the handgun to destroy the hostile ground troops. Stop the waves from overwhelming your base by fighting and defending as best as you can. Repair damage to your headquarters and build defenses with the materials you collect between the waves. Collect ammo crates to keep on shooting and dodge the different attacks of the enemy. So what are you waiting for? Shoot your handgun and mount the turrets to stop all the waves in this amazing local two player game filled with multiplayer action.

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