Starry Knight

starry knight

‘Starry night, holy night,’ the chances are high that you’ve probably heard this song before, because everybody celebrates Christmas who has English as their mother language. This game has nothing to do with the winter holiday though because the title is Starry Knight. You take on the role as a heroic knight who has to collect all the stars in a total of twenty eight levels. All this effort must be made to finally save the princess, a well-known classic scenario of course. While travelling you will be challenged in several difficult challenges that must be conquered by manipulating different elements of the levels. The starry knight has the power to drag around and rotate a variety of platforms and blocks to fix the route to the next challenge. Manipulating the cool physics in this game is your main task in this game. Conquer all the dangers and obstacles to save the love of your life in starry knight, destroy evil and let love rule!

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Hell on Duty

hell on duty

Fill up your cannon with human corpses and skeletons and launch them against the army of evil devils and demons that have invaded your kingdom! In Hell on Duty you are given the task to destroy a horde of hell spawns and send them straight back to the underworld where they came from. To do this you received a cannon from the king’s armory to use. The cannon fodder is very unusual, since you are under siege by the demons you have no normal ammunition left. Use the corpses of the dead to fill up your cannon and shoot the demons. Blow them of the edge to drop them into a magical cauldron to kill them off with magic. Make effective use of the cannon to win the battle, good luck defending the kingdom in this exciting launch game!

Muddy Heights

muddy heights

For this awkward Unity 3D game you will need to appreciate toilet humor. In Muddy Heights you try to create as much chaos as possible while taking a dump from a rooftop. The star In this launch game is a guy who is stuck on the rooftop of a skyscraper, the doors to the staircase are locked from the inside. Suddenly nature calls so he does what he needs to do and answers, so he drops his pants to his ankles and leans over the ledge… The turd leaves his body and while travelling through the air it gains speed, then with a loud splat it hits the sidewalk. Then the shit hits the fan as the panic kicks in, the turd will create panic and make the innocent pedestrians run away in disgust. They will trip over each other and cause car crashes and other mayhem. You can buy items to upgrade your poo and make it more deadly. There are achievements to unlock with quirky names like ‘dump the dump’, ‘in the mouth’, ‘browned fruits’ and ‘cock-a-doodle-poo’. Yes, I know this game sounds weird, you don’t come across this off-color humor very often in a game. This one is definitely for people that can appreciate toilet humor.

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