Collect all the food in Hedgehog Cute

hedgehog cute

Hedgehogs are real scavengers, the little creatures are always on a quest for food. They collect all kinds of fruit and nuts to get a nice supply for the winter so they can survive until the spring comes again. In this game you must help a cute hedgehog to collect all kinds of different food before the cold is coming, so try to fill his den with as much food as you can. To collect the food you have to learn to control the game mechanics the right way. Instead of a ball you will use the hedgehog himself to try to collect as many fruit and nuts as you can in each stage. The game mechanics provide an interesting challenge, when you rotate the screen the hedgehog will roll the direction you tilt the puzzle. Watch out for all the traps and many other dangers in Hedgehog cute cause when you injure yourself to much the game is over. The mechanic which enables you to rotate the screen provides an interesting way of playing this amazing puzzle game!

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