Agario or is the next big trend for casual indie gaming, this free to play browser game has gained a large player base that is still growing in numbers. Even if it’s gameplay might seem extremely simplistic in the beginning, the mechanics are deeper then you’d first expect. The game puts you in control of a colored dot which has to be navigated around the playfield. It reminds a lot of looking through a microscope while watching bacteria split each other and join up together. After touching other dots that float around in the area you will ‘eat’ them. By engulfing the dots that have the same color as your avatar it will slightly grow in size. But beware because other players are also roaming the screen for some nice snacks so they can evolve to. Pay close attention to your surroundings: avoid being eaten by the rival players! Dodge the attacks in the hectic environment and chase other organisms to devour them. If you are eaten you have to start all over again as a small cell. It’s your goal to create the biggest dot that eats all the other competitors. It’s eat or be eaten in this addictive multiplayer game!

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