Gornax is the name of an evil monster which is destroying planet earth bit by bit and getting stronger every second. A team of special forces has been recruited to take on the ugly, terrible Gornax. Choose if you play solo or take on the evil abomination up to four players in the exciting multiplayer co-op mode. Destroy his layers of armor and pump his twelve eyes full of lead. The spider like demon creature with two parasites as hosts in his mouth that shoot electric balls are very dangerous. The sight of this creepy Lovecraftian creature makes Cthulhu a soft pink bunny. Battle the creature with a team of four space marines, dodge his attacks by running around and don’t get hit by projectiles by using dash button which activates your jet-pack for a short while. Pick up power ups for your guns and armor to destroy his armor and crush his defenses layer by layer. If you like epic boss fighter series you will love this game.

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