Bring me the Star

bring me the star

Bring me the star is an adventurous platform game with exciting puzzle elements. The protagonist you control is a little creature who is an eye witness of a comet that crashes down on his home planet. You must go on a quest together with the main character to explore the glowing rock that just landed on the surface. The player can chose between multiple roads to accomplish the goal in Bring me the Star. The magical world of Bring me the Star is very interesting to explore because of the charming art style, the simplistic pixelated graphics resemble the 8-bit graphics from the old days. Have fun playing this charming game with interesting puzzle and platform challenges.

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Downhill Snowboard 2

downhill snowboard 2

Snowboarding is a very cool extreme sport to enjoy when you’re on a winter holiday. You can pull of some serious amazing stunts with a wooden plank in the snow if you’re skilled enough. In the sequel from the popular Downhill Snowboard game you have to show your skills in an exciting match between other snowboarders. Pick a character and take your board to the highest snow covered peak in this exciting winter themed game. While going downhill you must perform all kinds of tricks to score as many points as possible. Try to avoid obstacles so you don’t fall down and break your bones. The fun part of this game is that you can perform amazing stunts on your snowboard without having to worry that you get an accident. Have fun playing the second part of Downhill Snowboard!

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Collect all the food in Hedgehog Cute

hedgehog cute

Hedgehogs are real scavengers, the little creatures are always on a quest for food. They collect all kinds of fruit and nuts to get a nice supply for the winter so they can survive until the spring comes again. In this game you must help a cute hedgehog to collect all kinds of different food before the cold is coming, so try to fill his den with as much food as you can. To collect the food you have to learn to control the game mechanics the right way. Instead of a ball you will use the hedgehog himself to try to collect as many fruit and nuts as you can in each stage. The game mechanics provide an interesting challenge, when you rotate the screen the hedgehog will roll the direction you tilt the puzzle. Watch out for all the traps and many other dangers in Hedgehog cute cause when you injure yourself to much the game is over. The mechanic which enables you to rotate the screen provides an interesting way of playing this amazing puzzle game!

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Tiny Jumper

tiny jumper

In Tiny Jumper you play as a funny little ball with eyes. He (or she?) has no powers or special abilities except for the power of jumping. There is no clear story in Tiny Jumper, the only objective you have is to make your way through an intergalactic world and travel as far as possible. You jump between a collection of meteors which vary in size. Be careful you don’t fall in the pits cause it will cause instant death. The double jumping skill will come in handy on many occasions, you will be able to correct a bad jump in the air with your second attempt. It will be necessary to make use of the skill because the little planets turn around on different speeds which makes it more difficult to jump across them.

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Play the best Unity Racing games

racing games

With the powerful Unity Engine game developers are able to create visually stunning 3D worlds that can easily run in a browser. On you can play the best free Unity 3D racing and driving games which are available on the internet. Put your pedal to the metal with these great adrenaline boosting driving games!
In Audi TT rs for example you take control of the steering wheel of an Audi TT. Learn to drive in this beautiful car by cruising through the streets. Watch out where you go, it’s a challenge to steer through the dense traffic of the big city. If you take damage there is a big chance that the vehicle becomes unhandleable since you can lose one of your wheels or damage your engine.
In Sim Taxi you get a job as a taxi driver in the streets of New York. Your job as a cabby is to earn cash by driving the taxi and take customers wherever they want to go in the Big Apple. When you damage your car you’ll have to pay for the repair costs and the customer will get out of your taxi and you will lose your fare. Try to avoid any crashes at all times to get your cash.
In the fourth part of Rally Point there are some new tracks and different rally cars to pick from. Just like in a real rally contest you get hints from your colleague driver to anticipate the curves in the track. Drift through the curves with your powerful car and make efficient use of your nitro fuel to boost and try to be the first driver to cross the finish line!

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Spitter is a kind of strange but very original game where the hero is bothered by an mischievous bird who lives in the your garden. The bird loves to bully you, for example: he uses your morning coffee instead of using the bird toilet for his bio break. You decide that it’s time to do something about the pesky bird. To drop him of the garden fence you decide to spit him down! Complete challenges to train your mouth muscles so you can spit further and eventually hit him in the head from your bedroom window.  If you’re looking for some laughs and enjoyable point and click gameplay you should give Spitter a try.

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Zombo Buster Rising

zombo buster rising

In the near future a dangerous virus is causing to turn humans into zombies! The city is taken over by the undead, but there are some parts that are not yet infected. Luckily for the remaining survivors the Zombo Buster Squad is here to save them and stop the invasion. Protect your buildings against hordes of zombies in this shooting game and try to defend your base. Destroy the waves of walking dead with your guns and earn money to buy better upgrades and build better defenses in part two of Zombo Buster Rising.

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Play the best Halloween games on

halloween gamesonly

Celebrate your Halloween holiday on with a collection of the most spooky games from the internet! Check out these ghostly free to play online Halloween games and prepare yourself to get scared! Choose one of the titles from the collection to get started. The famous Angry Birds for example are celebrating Halloween in style with a special version called Angry Birds Pumpkins. Every world has a special design theme to fit the holiday. Try to hit all the green pigs and hit the pumpkins for bonus points in the haunting levels to advance. Another game you can play is Pumpkin Hordes, an amazing First Person Shooter programmed in the powerful Unity engine. Shoot al the ghoulish pumpkin hordes with your sniper rifle in this breathtaking 3D world to win the game. Stop all the pumpkin zombies before they overrun the city and try to eat your brains. Happy Halloween!

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Check the new mobile version of!

gamesonly mobile screenshot

Great news! We worked hard to create a mobile version of and it’s finally here. Now you can have access to all the games where ever you are. It’s now possible to play the best collection of free to play online HTML5 games and apps on your own favorite mobile device. Play the games from on your smartphone or tablet whenever and wherever you like. You have access to a collection from all the best online games from the internet.
The game Make Them Fall for example is a great game that is playable for two players at the same time. In this game you have to slide down a wall with a stick figure by making use of meatboy-like physics and controls. Try to land safely and don’t get caught by one of the many dangers you’ll encounter while you are descending. Play on normal mode or challenge one of the harder modes when you’re ready. A very different game in a completely other genre is Mahjong Deluxe. Mahjong Deluxe uses the original rules and traditional symbols of the popular Japanese board game. Try to match pairs of the same stones to remove them from the board. These are just a few of the free to play games you can find on Choose your favorite genre and start playing on your tablet or smartphone. Have fun playing on!

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Geometry Dash (The Impossible Game)

geometry dash

The Impossible Game is now available to play in your web browser! The free to play online version of this very hard mobile game is called Geometry Dash. The title says it all, it is impossible to beat this game! Or isn’t it? Find out for yourself! The controls are easy to understand, simply press the space bar or use your left mouse button to jump with the geometrical square over all kinds of obstacles. The gameplay on the other hand is extremely hard to master and very punishing: one wrong jump and you have to start all over again. Train your reaction speed and timing to get as far as possible in Geometry Dash and try to beat the game, if it’s beatable ofcourse. Get ready for a serious trial-and-error experience and don’t get frustrated playing this impossible game!

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