Nuke Defense

nuke defense

A great evil has risen from the shadows and is threatening to invade your lands with a demonic army. Protect your borders from the invasion of these foul creatures! Experience the action from a top down view and walk around to defend the territory. Run around in your red shiny dragon armor and chop all the evil creatures with your blade. Alternatively the warrior can use magical powers to melt through their faces. By adding elements from the tower defense genre to the gameplay mechanics it’s possible to build turrets that work very effective in assisting you killing the waves of enemies. Collect as many experience points as possible to receive skill points which you can spend to upgrade your abilities. Stop the great evil and defend your country in Nuke Defense!

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Gravity Driver

gravity driver

There are many spectacular futuristic racing games available to play for console and pc gamers. Gravity Driver is an amazing free to play browser game which will satisfy your need for speed. Take control of a fast sports car and try to race as far as possible on an unconventional racetrack. In Gravity Driver you have to defy gravity since you are racing in a cylindrical tunnel, you can drive upside down to avoid all the dangers. Everywhere around you there are walls and other obstacles which you must avoid to keep speeding. Have fun racing in this beautiful 3D environment and try to drive as fast and far as you can in this dangerous tunnel racer.

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Hippo Chef

hippo chef

Hippo’s are large creatures that will eat almost anything to keep their belly filled and satisfied. In this game you must help a Hippo Chef to collect all the food in screen. He doesn’t eat meat so his diet forces him to eat all the fruit he can find. Transfer all the delicious fruit to the hungry hippo so he can cook a fantastic meal for himself. The fun physics of this puzzler increase with difficulty every time you advance a level. While you’re at it, try to collect all the stars in each level to increase your score. Use all gadgets and manipulate objects to get the fruit in his mouth and still the huge appetite of the chef.

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One Hit Hell

one hit hell

The games that are being developed in the survival genre are very hard. There is a subgenre that is much more difficult, it punishes the player in a cruel way so that he will more than once throw the controller away in frustration. Super Meat Boy was responsible for setting the trend in this punishing subgenre. After that parodies like Kaizo Mario, The Impossible Game, I Want to Be the Boshy and I Want to Kill the Kamillia came out as a humorous take on the very hard platform titles, until they were being treated as serious challenges by gamers who actually make speed runs of these kind of games. In One Hit Hell you will take control of a triangular spaceship that floats in space. Your enemy is a circle that spits out colored dots in all kinds of directions. Try to dodge everything and watch out you don’t get hit, because of course in One Hit Hell you will die after touching only a single foe.

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Survival Lab

survival lab

Try not to die! That’s the most important message of this game. Participants who complete the twenty six difficult levels will be allowed to live. You will start in the arena of an experimental laboratory and have to dodge all the traps and other dangers you encounter. By collecting coins you advance to the next level. Because Survival Lab uses elements from the rogue genre it’s inevitable that you will die, a lot that is. So try to learn from your mistakes in this punishing trial and error gameplay. Collecting targets will increase your score, by hitting multiple targets in one streak your points will increase. When you’ve collected enough coins it’s possible to upgrade your equipment and require skills like mid-air jumping, more speed or defense to survive longer in this laboratory of death.

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Cut the Monster 2

cut the monsters 2

In the second part of Cut the Monster it’s time to defeat all the nasty monsters once again. To accomplish this you have to make efficient use of your powerful laser cannon. Shoot destructive lasers out of your blaster to cut all the monsters to pieces! Every type of monster requires a different tactic to blast them to pieces so try to find out what the best way is to defeat every kind of creature. While you’re splitting the monster brains there is another important goal of the game: Try to collect all the stars in every level to receive bonus points. Having fun shooting lasers in this challenging puzzle game with mindbending physics, cut all the monsters!

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Prepare yourself, a hostile swarm of alien creatures are trying to invade the earth! Luckily for the people of planet earth the heroic BaseBros duo is willing to take on the tough job of defending the earth. Use the anti-air turrets to shoot alien aircraft down from the skies and the handgun to destroy the hostile ground troops. Stop the waves from overwhelming your base by fighting and defending as best as you can. Repair damage to your headquarters and build defenses with the materials you collect between the waves. Collect ammo crates to keep on shooting and dodge the different attacks of the enemy. So what are you waiting for? Shoot your handgun and mount the turrets to stop all the waves in this amazing local two player game filled with multiplayer action.

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The Fairyland Massacre

the fairylife massacre

In the year 3072 the future of planet earth is in great danger since it’s under attack by an alien planet from another galaxy called Narubi. You have been selected to get important information from the main computer of the hostile planet and kill every enemy soldier from Narubi that crosses your path. In Fairyland Massacre the hero is no ordinary soldier but an ingenious combination between man and machine filled to the teeth with weapons that delivers tons of damage. With the help of a teleportation device you will be able to beam between the two planets to reap death and destruction. As a cyborg you are programmed to kill everything that moves with your special chainsaw. The inhabitants of Fairyland are fantasy creatures such as unicorns, fairies, dwarves, trolls, elves and more of that cute stuff which is satisfying to hack-and-slash through. Happy slaughtering in Fairyland!

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Epic Boss Fighter 2

epic boss fighter 2

After Blast defeated ten monstrous bosses he can finally take a rest and enjoy the fact that he brought peace on earth. Just as he thought it was over, more evil gigantic creatures emerge from the pits of hell to destroy the world. Once again you have to face them in a fight of life and death. The epic bosses have smarter A.I. then the creatures in part one of Epic Boss Fighter. Try to dodge their challenging attacks and dodge every bullet that flies across the screen. See through their attack and defense patterns and shoot them in the face with your mighty blaster! When you first start of Blast is still weak, collect coins to trade in for upgrades after each death to become stronger. The rogue-like elements are an interesting addition to the game which provides a high replay value. When you collected all the equipment and still can’t make it towards the final boss try entering co-op mode to take on the monsters with a friend. Try to beat the game on all game difficulties, normal, hard and insane. Good luck with hunting them all down!

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Strike Force Kitty 2

strike force kitty 2

In the peaceful Kingdom of Cats all the animals lived in harmony until one day the daughter of the Cat King was abducted by the evil foxes from a rivaling kingdom. The king declares war on the fox clan and gives an order to several cats to form up a team to undergo a dangerous rescue mission. Four kittens have been the chosen ones to rescue the kidnapped princes and infiltrate the Fox Kingdom. Strike Force Kitty is a runner game which means you can’t stop running, the screen scrolls automatically to the right all the time. The only thing you can do is jump or let yourself drop from different heights in the level. Try to collect as many fishes as you can, between runs you can spend your fishes on items and upgrades to buy weapons or items that affect your status. While infiltrating the enemy you will counter a lot of different evil foxes with many weapons to hurt you.

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