Flies Commander


In this game you are ‘pretty fly’ with these two winged insects. Assist these flies in the best way possible on their mission. The flies are always hungry and are demanding lots of food to fill their bellies. And no, their favorite meal doesn’t consist of vegetables and fruit. All they want is of course some nice and sweet snacks! They are on the hunt for cake, pies, chocolate and other candy. Dodge all the traps and dangers in order to get all the candy in the basket to create the sweetest feast the world of flies has ever seen! Good luck becoming the Lord of the Flies!

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One Hit Hell

one hit hell

The games that are being developed in the survival genre are very hard. There is a subgenre that is much more difficult, it punishes the player in a cruel way so that he will more than once throw the controller away in frustration. Super Meat Boy was responsible for setting the trend in this punishing subgenre. After that parodies like Kaizo Mario, The Impossible Game, I Want to Be the Boshy and I Want to Kill the Kamillia came out as a humorous take on the very hard platform titles, until they were being treated as serious challenges by gamers who actually make speed runs of these kind of games. In One Hit Hell you will take control of a triangular spaceship that floats in space. Your enemy is a circle that spits out colored dots in all kinds of directions. Try to dodge everything and watch out you don’t get hit, because of course in One Hit Hell you will die after touching only a single foe.

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Skydiving Game

skydiving game

This game will take you straight back to the nostalgic 16-bit era when the game Pilot Wings was a hit on the SNES. In this similar Skydiving game you will be dropped out of a plane high above the clouds. Like a real skydiver you will speed like a bullet that just left a gun through the air towards the surface of the earth. Make sure to open your parachute in time to secure a safe landing. Steer with the left en right cursor keys to adjust the way you float through the air. While flying through the colorful design of this 3D world you have to try to score points while air surfing through all the rings. Make sure you make a safe landing on the surface of the earth.

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