Panda Love

panda love

Pandas are fluffy creatures who eat bamboo all day long while doing nothing special. In this game you play as a more active panda bear. Instead of chewing up a whole bamboo forest you are on a coin collecting quest through a series of platforming challenges with an increasing difficulty curve. Get yourself ready for some serious running and jumping with these panda’s because this is an endless runner game which doesn’t give you a break. Like in similar games you won’t be able to stop so you have to act and think fast like in One button Arthur and One button Bob. The controls of this game are very simple, you only have to tap with your finger or click with your mouse once to make the panda jump. No, there is no bamboo eating button, just one lousy button to jump in the air. In all the levels the goal is to collect the gold that is scattered across the environment, when you’ve collected all the coins the way out will be unlocked, the entrance to the next level will be revealed. Good luck and have fun barging this black and white colored bear through these difficult levels.

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Developers love to punish gamers for not having enough skills to complete their games. The pinnacle of torture came with the breed of games that are almost impossible to play and can be described as easy to learn but hard to master. Everyone knows the evil Flappy Bird game which is only for masochistic gamers that are in need for an almost impossible challenge. Another game that can be added to that list is the free to play browser game Sheepop. Sheepop is controlled by the press of one button or the swipe of your fingertip on the screen of your mobile device like Flappy Bird and the likes. This sheep has to jump from pole to pole as far as possible but it will be a tough job to do so. Be careful that he doesn’t fall into the pit because you only have one life to spend, as a sheep you don’t have the privilege of the nine lives of a cat. By swiping your finger or dragging your mouse the sheep will hop forward, like the way the launching of the little birds goes in Angry Birds. The poles you have to jump on will vary in size so good luck with this extreme challenging platform game with almost impossible jumping sections.

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