Since the free to play online browser game Agiro.io came out and was played by a lot of gamers it was just a matter of time before the internet was taken over by clones that wanted to ride on the train of short hype and success. In Wilds.io you play as a strong warrior that will have to fight it out in a battle against a horde of other warriors in a gigantic multiplayer arena. If you kill your opponents you will become stronger, a familiar and returning element in the .io gameplay genre if you’ve been playing one before. When you are slain by an enemy that’s stronger than you are you have to start all over again. To become stronger it’s smart to pick up special items like power and health potions. It’s even smarter to join or form a guild, because you are stronger when you’re standing with an army that single mindedly want to usurp all their enemies. So what are you waiting for? Join the multiplayer mayhem and become the strongest warrior on the battlefield!

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Bosh Rush Apocalypse

Bosh Rush Apocalypse

At the end of a stage there is often a boss creature that prevents you from making progress to the next stage to test your skills. If you have difficulty in finding the right tactic to kill it here is a great game in which you can train against them. Hone your skills against these large beasts and increase your tactics. You will start of by fighting a boss character immediately from scratch so there is no learning curve. After finally defeating the first boss it will come back with vengeance twice as strong, and after that it will multiply in difficulty. Try to defeat all the bosses to win the game. The difficulty will increase so if you’re an inexperienced player you will be killed for sure and don’t get frustrated. Hack and slash through these bosses and don’t get tricked by their fluffy appearances. How many will you be able to kill before they kill you? All kinds of powerups and weapons will assist you to kill the living daylight out of them. Good luck defeating all the bosses in Bosh Rush Apocalypse!

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Barbarians are mighty, manly warriors with the IQ of a stone brick. That’s okay because these brutes are only good for a thing that don’t need brains but only muscles: to fight their enemies in the most brute way as possible. These savaged owned lots of territory in the old day by this radical way of ‘negotiating’ with their enemies. Yeah just watch Arnold ‘The Govenator’ Schwarzenegger as Conan the Barbarian and you will know what I mean by brute and dumb strength without overthinking their actions. In this game, simply called Barbarians, it is time to go on a war with some of these crazy savages and go on a rampaging tour of destruction. Have fun assisting these cool warriors with only a few clicks of your mighty left mouse button and conquer all the rivalling lords to win the game!

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Loot Heroes 2

loot heroes 2

Loot hungry gamers that love to grind for treasures will clap in their hand from excitement with this next installment in the Loot Heroes series! Pick one of the dozen heroes and start looting in this adventurous action RPG. You start of in the deepest pits of hell surrounded by engulfing flames and try to work your way through the evil that awaits you. In this devilish underworld awaits a simple task for you: Kill the ten dangerous rebel lords one by one and you will be richly rewarded. The fans of loot and xp grinding will not be disappointed; unlock tons of new heroes, weapons and incredible equipment. Solve all the quests and reveal all the hidden secrets to clear out the underworld. The first part of Loot Heroes is also playable for free online on GamesOnly.com. Have fun playing this addictive sequel to Loot Heroes and grind until you drop!

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Super Ultra Drunk Fighting Arcade Simulator

super ultra drunk fighting simulator

This is an arcade simulator in which you control a drunken fighter! Did you ever play the ‘game’ QWOP? The clunky way to control the athlete is the most difficult part of the game and that is why it has received praise from gamers from all ages. And yes, of course this is a game that doesn’t take itself seriously, it just makes fun of itself and lets the player get frustrated very fast. Super Ultra Drunk Fighting Arcade Simulator is definitely inspired by QWOP. The game is best described as a fighting game in the style of Tekken or Virtua Fighter with Qwoppy controls. Watch out that you don’t miss a hit or you will fall down with your boozed up head or you will lose the battle. Good luck fighting with these drunken fighters!

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Boxing Live

boxing live
Let’s get ready to ruuuuumbleeeeee! Boxing is exciting to watch safely on television when you are sitting on your couch, but have you ever stepped into the ring yourself and looked your opponent straight n the eye? Have no fear because in this virtual sports game you won’t get any bruises or broken ribs from fighting. Create your own boxer in this exciting boxing game and train him to fight! Your ultimate goal is to win the World Championships with your own fighter, the road to the ultimate victory will be hard because you will come face to face with other rivals which are also trained fighting machines. Upgrade your skills while practicing and step into the ring to knockout all your rivals, become the world champion!

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Rise of the Titans

rise of the titans

Rise Of The Titans is an action packed fighting game where you can pick between a wide range of epic monsters. The titans are here to claim back their lands from the pesky settlers that want to inhabit their homeland. Use melee attacks or throw deadly projectiles to destroy everything they have built up. Smashing buildings and property of the settlers will give you credit points which can be used to unlock more powerful titan monsters which each has its own special abilities. But beware, hostile forces are teaming up to kill you. When the army manages to empty your health bar before you can destroy their village you’re dead. So go on a killing spree and claim back what is yours!

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The Fairyland Massacre

the fairylife massacre

In the year 3072 the future of planet earth is in great danger since it’s under attack by an alien planet from another galaxy called Narubi. You have been selected to get important information from the main computer of the hostile planet and kill every enemy soldier from Narubi that crosses your path. In Fairyland Massacre the hero is no ordinary soldier but an ingenious combination between man and machine filled to the teeth with weapons that delivers tons of damage. With the help of a teleportation device you will be able to beam between the two planets to reap death and destruction. As a cyborg you are programmed to kill everything that moves with your special chainsaw. The inhabitants of Fairyland are fantasy creatures such as unicorns, fairies, dwarves, trolls, elves and more of that cute stuff which is satisfying to hack-and-slash through. Happy slaughtering in Fairyland!

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