Epic Boss Fighter 2

epic boss fighter 2

After Blast defeated ten monstrous bosses he can finally take a rest and enjoy the fact that he brought peace on earth. Just as he thought it was over, more evil gigantic creatures emerge from the pits of hell to destroy the world. Once again you have to face them in a fight of life and death. The epic bosses have smarter A.I. then the creatures in part one of Epic Boss Fighter. Try to dodge their challenging attacks and dodge every bullet that flies across the screen. See through their attack and defense patterns and shoot them in the face with your mighty blaster! When you first start of Blast is still weak, collect coins to trade in for upgrades after each death to become stronger. The rogue-like elements are an interesting addition to the game which provides a high replay value. When you collected all the equipment and still can’t make it towards the final boss try entering co-op mode to take on the monsters with a friend. Try to beat the game on all game difficulties, normal, hard and insane. Good luck with hunting them all down!

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