Endless Lake


In Endless Lake you have to assist a little guy to overcome all the dangers of the mysterious lake that is found on a strange planet. The only power you possess is to jump. Time your jumps to the max and find the right moments to perform the leaps to advance in the levels. Collect all the golden coins which can be spend after every run to increase your powers and abilities. When you get to a specific number of points it is possible to unlock new characters who can help you discover if this lake is really endless…

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Crossy Road

crossy roads

For the gamers who grew up in the Atari and Commodore era Frogger is a well-known game. In this arcade classic the player must cross a road to get through the other side, while doing this he has to avoid the traffic. Crossy Road copies the core concept of this retro game but changes some elements. Instead of a green frog you take control of the fate of a chicken. Your goal is to safely cross the road and make it to the other side to advance to the next level just like in Frogger. Maneuver yourself around the speeding vehicles to cross the street in this endless arcade game and try to travel as far as possible. Time your moves effectively because you only have one single life, if you get hit by a vehicle you will experience instant death. Score as many points as you can by moving forward, every time you progress one block a point is being added to your high score. Crossy Roads is easy to control: use the left mouse button to click on the up or down arrows to cross the street. Good luck!

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Strike Force Kitty 2

strike force kitty 2

In the peaceful Kingdom of Cats all the animals lived in harmony until one day the daughter of the Cat King was abducted by the evil foxes from a rivaling kingdom. The king declares war on the fox clan and gives an order to several cats to form up a team to undergo a dangerous rescue mission. Four kittens have been the chosen ones to rescue the kidnapped princes and infiltrate the Fox Kingdom. Strike Force Kitty is a runner game which means you can’t stop running, the screen scrolls automatically to the right all the time. The only thing you can do is jump or let yourself drop from different heights in the level. Try to collect as many fishes as you can, between runs you can spend your fishes on items and upgrades to buy weapons or items that affect your status. While infiltrating the enemy you will counter a lot of different evil foxes with many weapons to hurt you.

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