Brave Shorties

brave shorties

It’s time to start to stack the Brave Shorties on top of each others heads to attack your enemies. Collect golden coins, magical objects en a lot more loot out of treasure chests to recruit the best Brave Shortie army possible. There are a lot of unique units available to assemble your army, good luck crushing your opponents. Warning: This game is highly addictive, once you start stacking your Shorties there is no turning back!

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The War Cry: Goblins Attack

the war cry goblins

Goblins are nasty creatures that are always trying to create havoc and chaos for the people that want to live in peace and harmony. Our kingdom has been overrun by those nasty little critters so I greet you glorious warrior. For fifty years the horde of goblins have trampled our land and we can’t stand it any longer! I am too old to continue leading the army. Therefore I bestow this task on you Ermak! Bring me dozens of goblin heads, and then  you will earn the people’s trust and the army will follow you. Kill all the goblins by collecting gold to keep and command the army! Send miners to a source for gold and they will mine gold for you. You will be able to buy more warriors and defenders to increase the size of your army. Go ahead soldier, take the command of the army and wipe them away from our kingdom!

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Monster Bastion

monster bastion

Prepare yourself to play another cool Tower Defense game! In Monster Bastion it’s war in your kingdom. The enemy has invaded the borders and are creeping up on the king’s castle. In this Tower Defense title you play as the monsters and creatures and are trying to stop humans from overrunning your country. Use your army full of strong monster warriors to hold them back and eventually defeat them. Protect your territory by placing defensive towers and send your troops into battle! In this strategic defense game it’s important to consider where you place your towers since it will provide you tactical advantage to fight the hordes of enemies. It’s a lot of fun to play with the bad guys for once, feeling bad never felt so good! Have fun with this unique tower defense game.

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Prepare yourself, a hostile swarm of alien creatures are trying to invade the earth! Luckily for the people of planet earth the heroic BaseBros duo is willing to take on the tough job of defending the earth. Use the anti-air turrets to shoot alien aircraft down from the skies and the handgun to destroy the hostile ground troops. Stop the waves from overwhelming your base by fighting and defending as best as you can. Repair damage to your headquarters and build defenses with the materials you collect between the waves. Collect ammo crates to keep on shooting and dodge the different attacks of the enemy. So what are you waiting for? Shoot your handgun and mount the turrets to stop all the waves in this amazing local two player game filled with multiplayer action.

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Zombo Buster Rising

zombo buster rising

In the near future a dangerous virus is causing to turn humans into zombies! The city is taken over by the undead, but there are some parts that are not yet infected. Luckily for the remaining survivors the Zombo Buster Squad is here to save them and stop the invasion. Protect your buildings against hordes of zombies in this shooting game and try to defend your base. Destroy the waves of walking dead with your guns and earn money to buy better upgrades and build better defenses in part two of Zombo Buster Rising.

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