Celebrate Christmas

christmas games

Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas! Santa Claus is coming to town again this year. Celebrate the start of the winter season with this great collection of games approved by Santa himself. Check out the large selection of fun and festive games with a Christmas theme on GamesOnly.com to invoke your Christmas spirit early. In Christmas Sorter you will take on the roll as Santa’s little helper. As his personal assistant your job is to sort the gifts with a special Christmas tree. Throw the gifts into the correct bags to score points. In the game Santa’s Fall Santa Claus is in big trouble, when he was flying through the sky he got hit by fireworks. You must save Santa and help him to land safely on the snowy ground. Make sure that all the beautiful gifts aren’t lost or the children will be sad. Collect all the snowflakes to score extra points and increase your high score. In Frosty’s Adventure you won’t be assisting Santa Claus but a funny snowman. In this puzzle game your purpose is to reunite the body of Frosty the snowman in eight levels by collecting his cold body parts and attaching them together.

Have fun playing these fun Christmas games on GamesOnly.com and enjoy the most wonderful time of the year!