The Magnetic Cat

the magnetic cat

The Magnetic Cat is an exciting puzzle platformer with interesting mechanics in which you play as a cat with special powers. To overcome obstacles you have to make use of the amazing skill this special feline possesses. The kitty has the power to be attracted by magnetic loaded objects, isn’t that something? Click on the metal blocks that are spread out in the level to magnetize them, click again with your mouse button to demagnetize the objects. The cat will automatically be attracted to the magnetized block to overcome obstacles if he is in the range of the magnetic power. Choose wisely and don’t spam your magnets because with every magnet your power will become less powerful. Make the best decisions to successfully complete all the stages with the amazing Magnetic Cat!

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Strike Force Kitty 2

strike force kitty 2

In the peaceful Kingdom of Cats all the animals lived in harmony until one day the daughter of the Cat King was abducted by the evil foxes from a rivaling kingdom. The king declares war on the fox clan and gives an order to several cats to form up a team to undergo a dangerous rescue mission. Four kittens have been the chosen ones to rescue the kidnapped princes and infiltrate the Fox Kingdom. Strike Force Kitty is a runner game which means you can’t stop running, the screen scrolls automatically to the right all the time. The only thing you can do is jump or let yourself drop from different heights in the level. Try to collect as many fishes as you can, between runs you can spend your fishes on items and upgrades to buy weapons or items that affect your status. While infiltrating the enemy you will counter a lot of different evil foxes with many weapons to hurt you.

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