Donut versus Donut

donut vs donut

Hhhmmm…who doesn’t like the taste of sweet decorated donuts? These amazingly delicious snacks from the baker come in different colors, sizes and flavors. If you have a sweet tooth then donuts will probably be your weapon of choice if you feel like you have to increase your sugar level. In this game you have to get into the mind of a donut, and not just any donut but one with a lust for fighting! In this beat ‘em up you don’t get to pick between a bunch of cool ninja warriors and wrestlers but the roster is filled with skilled donut warriors! Pick your favorite donut in this beat ‘em up game and try to kick the other donuts from the platform in Smash Brothers style! This game can be played up to four players at the same time. It’s time to pick your favorite donut and enter the arena to bash each other from the platform to win the battle. Good luck becoming the Donut Champion by beating all your rivals.

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