Royal Heroes


Welcome to the kingdom of Royal Heroes! In this story you play as a foot soldier that has just been promoted to the rank of general. In this new role it’s important to hire the right soldiers in the local tavern to build up your army. The tavern is filled with hired assassins or to speak in medieval terms, hired knights to build up your army. When you are victorious and successful in battle more soldiers will join your cause, it’s your goal to create an amazing team around you of recruits to enter a series of exciting battles. Depending on the balance from the units formation the outcome of the battle results will be influenced. Decide what the right role is for every individual soldier to be victorious!

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Barbarians are mighty, manly warriors with the IQ of a stone brick. That’s okay because these brutes are only good for a thing that don’t need brains but only muscles: to fight their enemies in the most brute way as possible. These savaged owned lots of territory in the old day by this radical way of ‘negotiating’ with their enemies. Yeah just watch Arnold ‘The Govenator’ Schwarzenegger as Conan the Barbarian and you will know what I mean by brute and dumb strength without overthinking their actions. In this game, simply called Barbarians, it is time to go on a war with some of these crazy savages and go on a rampaging tour of destruction. Have fun assisting these cool warriors with only a few clicks of your mighty left mouse button and conquer all the rivalling lords to win the game!

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Donut versus Donut

donut vs donut

Hhhmmm…who doesn’t like the taste of sweet decorated donuts? These amazingly delicious snacks from the baker come in different colors, sizes and flavors. If you have a sweet tooth then donuts will probably be your weapon of choice if you feel like you have to increase your sugar level. In this game you have to get into the mind of a donut, and not just any donut but one with a lust for fighting! In this beat ‘em up you don’t get to pick between a bunch of cool ninja warriors and wrestlers but the roster is filled with skilled donut warriors! Pick your favorite donut in this beat ‘em up game and try to kick the other donuts from the platform in Smash Brothers style! This game can be played up to four players at the same time. It’s time to pick your favorite donut and enter the arena to bash each other from the platform to win the battle. Good luck becoming the Donut Champion by beating all your rivals.

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