Worm Food


If the day has come that the Grim Reaper is knocking on your door you will become a snack for all the insects and worms six feet under the earth. The creatures that survive in the dark underground are very happy with your dead and juicy flesh. In this game your body is literally food for the worms instead of you being the snack! Take control of a gigantic alien worm and build your speed to the max to jump higher to reach places you’ve never been before. Dodge all the obstacles that will slow you down. You will complete the level if all the citizens are being eaten who live in the little town. The mini map shows you where all the man and women are and also reveals the dangerous objects which can be found on the battlefield. Thousands of years ago the warriors of this town have beaten the godly worms, centuries later it’s up to you to get rid of those pesky humans and take your sweet revenge!

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