Alone Zombiewoods

alone zombiewoods

When you’re all by yourself walking through the city or a forest at night time you might get the feeling of being watched by a thousand eyes from the shadows. This creepy feeling will increase heavily if you just finished watching a scary movie. In the game Alone Zombiewoods you find yourself in a dark forest only to find out that these woods have been heavily infested by zombies. Are you able to cross the woods safely without being catched by a zombie? Go on a quest with Verne and Eva, the protagonists from this game, and try to survive this dark night full of darkness and evil. The walking dead are in search for more brain to eat because they have none of their own so careful. Collect handy tools and objects to increase the success rate of your survival in this cool pixelated role playing game. Good luck surviving in Alone Zombiewoods!

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Starry Knight

starry knight

‘Starry night, holy night,’ the chances are high that you’ve probably heard this song before, because everybody celebrates Christmas who has English as their mother language. This game has nothing to do with the winter holiday though because the title is Starry Knight. You take on the role as a heroic knight who has to collect all the stars in a total of twenty eight levels. All this effort must be made to finally save the princess, a well-known classic scenario of course. While travelling you will be challenged in several difficult challenges that must be conquered by manipulating different elements of the levels. The starry knight has the power to drag around and rotate a variety of platforms and blocks to fix the route to the next challenge. Manipulating the cool physics in this game is your main task in this game. Conquer all the dangers and obstacles to save the love of your life in starry knight, destroy evil and let love rule!

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Investigator and the case of Chekhov’s gun

Investigator and the case of Chekhov’s gun

In this mysterious point and click detective it’s your job to solve a very strange suicide. Your job as an investigator is to search for clues and hints to crack the case. Every clue hints that a crime has been committed and this was a cold blooded murder instead of an accident. Work together with special investigator Bad Luck Duck and interrogate multiple characters to try to get to the bottom of this. Clear the case and reveal the truth about this so called suicide in the amazing detective game Investigator and the case of Chekhov’s gun. If you ever wanted to feel how a real detective handles a murder case like this one you should check out Investigator and the case of Chekhov’s gun. Good luck and have fun!

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The Ourobos is a mystical ancient symbol which depicts a snake which bites itself in the tail and tries to eat itself. The snake grows at his tail while he is eating his body so in summary, there is no way this eternal process can be stopped. The amazing Ourobos symbol stands for infinity in all the things. This game is about the planet Ourobos. We lost contact with our crew on the planet ourobos. 22 hours ago we are sending you in to explore and find things out. Get your butt to the surface on planet ourobos and start exploring to find out what’s going on. In this cool rescue missions the female hero of this game must run and gun through dangerous platforming challenges. Blast your enemies away with your special space gun called ‘the combuster’ and collect more guns and different upgrades to become stronger. If you like Metroidvania games ourobos is your cup of tea. The platforming, alien like creatures and even the portals to the next level show a lot of similarities. The protagonist even looks a bit like Samus Aran when she has her suit off. Find out what’s going on and rescue your crew members before it’s too late.

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Rise of the Titans

rise of the titans

Rise Of The Titans is an action packed fighting game where you can pick between a wide range of epic monsters. The titans are here to claim back their lands from the pesky settlers that want to inhabit their homeland. Use melee attacks or throw deadly projectiles to destroy everything they have built up. Smashing buildings and property of the settlers will give you credit points which can be used to unlock more powerful titan monsters which each has its own special abilities. But beware, hostile forces are teaming up to kill you. When the army manages to empty your health bar before you can destroy their village you’re dead. So go on a killing spree and claim back what is yours!

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Cut the Monster 2

cut the monsters 2

In the second part of Cut the Monster it’s time to defeat all the nasty monsters once again. To accomplish this you have to make efficient use of your powerful laser cannon. Shoot destructive lasers out of your blaster to cut all the monsters to pieces! Every type of monster requires a different tactic to blast them to pieces so try to find out what the best way is to defeat every kind of creature. While you’re splitting the monster brains there is another important goal of the game: Try to collect all the stars in every level to receive bonus points. Having fun shooting lasers in this challenging puzzle game with mindbending physics, cut all the monsters!

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Skydiving Game

skydiving game

This game will take you straight back to the nostalgic 16-bit era when the game Pilot Wings was a hit on the SNES. In this similar Skydiving game you will be dropped out of a plane high above the clouds. Like a real skydiver you will speed like a bullet that just left a gun through the air towards the surface of the earth. Make sure to open your parachute in time to secure a safe landing. Steer with the left en right cursor keys to adjust the way you float through the air. While flying through the colorful design of this 3D world you have to try to score points while air surfing through all the rings. Make sure you make a safe landing on the surface of the earth.

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Castle: Lite

castle lite

Yes, even kings need to use the restroom once in a while. While squatting on the royal toilet his royal highness stumbles upon a advert in the paper that says there is an unfinished castle for sale, the ad is offering a lot of discount. For half the price you will be able to buy this beautiful medieval structure, it only needs some small tweaks and adjustments. Build your castle with towers, rooms and extra walls until you have created your big dream castle. Construct your castles in many different surroundings like snowy landscapes, hot deserts, forests and oceanic areas. Good luck and have fun playing Castle: Lite!

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Katy Perry Rescue

katy perry rescue

Katy Perry Rescue is an entertaining point ‘n’ click game with a Katy Perry theme. Try to solve all the puzzles in this adventure to save Katy. The famous singer is kidnapped by an Egyptian mummy who caught her by surprise while shooting her video for the song ‘Dark Horse’. The evil mummy is keeping her trapped inside his giant pyramid since then, god only knows what evil stuff he does to her. A true male fan named Cody Jones steps forward and decides to take the role as hero. He bravely steps into the tomb of the mummy and descends the staircase. Help the hero to rescue this famous singer before they take her life. Every Katy Perry fan counts on you to complete your quest, solve every puzzle to save her!

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Spitter is a kind of strange but very original game where the hero is bothered by an mischievous bird who lives in the your garden. The bird loves to bully you, for example: he uses your morning coffee instead of using the bird toilet for his bio break. You decide that it’s time to do something about the pesky bird. To drop him of the garden fence you decide to spit him down! Complete challenges to train your mouth muscles so you can spit further and eventually hit him in the head from your bedroom window.  If you’re looking for some laughs and enjoyable point and click gameplay you should give Spitter a try.

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