Donut versus Donut

donut vs donut

Hhhmmm…who doesn’t like the taste of sweet decorated donuts? These amazingly delicious snacks from the baker come in different colors, sizes and flavors. If you have a sweet tooth then donuts will probably be your weapon of choice if you feel like you have to increase your sugar level. In this game you have to get into the mind of a donut, and not just any donut but one with a lust for fighting! In this beat ‘em up you don’t get to pick between a bunch of cool ninja warriors and wrestlers but the roster is filled with skilled donut warriors! Pick your favorite donut in this beat ‘em up game and try to kick the other donuts from the platform in Smash Brothers style! This game can be played up to four players at the same time. It’s time to pick your favorite donut and enter the arena to bash each other from the platform to win the battle. Good luck becoming the Donut Champion by beating all your rivals.

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Super Ultra Drunk Fighting Arcade Simulator

super ultra drunk fighting simulator

This is an arcade simulator in which you control a drunken fighter! Did you ever play the ‘game’ QWOP? The clunky way to control the athlete is the most difficult part of the game and that is why it has received praise from gamers from all ages. And yes, of course this is a game that doesn’t take itself seriously, it just makes fun of itself and lets the player get frustrated very fast. Super Ultra Drunk Fighting Arcade Simulator is definitely inspired by QWOP. The game is best described as a fighting game in the style of Tekken or Virtua Fighter with Qwoppy controls. Watch out that you don’t miss a hit or you will fall down with your boozed up head or you will lose the battle. Good luck fighting with these drunken fighters!

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Roboduck Football 2030

roboduck football 2030

The way that we play sports in the future will be very different than the way we practice it now. Some visionary game developers are already realizing the way they think the future of playing sports will be. In this game you will play as a team of Roboducks against another team of mechanical duckies. As you might have already guessed, these creatures are an exotic combination between a robot and a duck created in a laboratory. Wait, that’s not weird enough for you? Ok, the robotic ducks are also programmed to play football with each other to bring bread and circuses to the people. In this turn based soccer match you have to pass the ball between your teammates towards the goal of your enemy. Because of the interesting and unique turn based mechanics and tactics the match will become very complex and provides enough challenge for advanced players. Pick up power ups to make your ducks stronger and watch out for the explosions or they will become weaker. Have fun playing a match of Roboduck Football!

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Skydiving Game

skydiving game

This game will take you straight back to the nostalgic 16-bit era when the game Pilot Wings was a hit on the SNES. In this similar Skydiving game you will be dropped out of a plane high above the clouds. Like a real skydiver you will speed like a bullet that just left a gun through the air towards the surface of the earth. Make sure to open your parachute in time to secure a safe landing. Steer with the left en right cursor keys to adjust the way you float through the air. While flying through the colorful design of this 3D world you have to try to score points while air surfing through all the rings. Make sure you make a safe landing on the surface of the earth.

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3D Lamborghini Simulator

3D lamborghini simulator

It’s a dream of many people to own a fast fancy car. These boys toys are not for everyone cause you will need a big wallet to finally own one of these status symbols. Luckily there is this amazing Simulator available for free which makes you feel like you’re in a real luxury car. This particular simulator makes it possible to drive around in a nice Lamborghini. You don’t have to worry about crashing the car in this simulator since it will cost you no money. You will be able to cruise around in an urban environment without having to worry that your car runs out of fuel. The track is very divers Burn some rubber in this amazing 3D world or just drive around the city at your own leisure.

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Man or Monster

man or monster

In a videogame you usually take on the roll as the good guy who is stereotypically fighting the bad guys to save the world from evil. In Man Or Monster you are given a choice between playing the hero or the bad guy. When you chose to play as a human you are being dropped in a fictional city where a monster is on a rampage, he is destroying everything on his path. Blow this gigantic Godzilla-like monsters brains out to stop him. When you choose to play as the monster you will have to be the one to create chaos and destruction in the streets and will be fighting against the human soldier. It’s a lot of fun to play the same game two different ways, which gives Man or Monster a high replay value. Let’s hope that there will be a multiplayer option in the future so you can battle your friends!

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Puzzling with portals in Portalizer


If you’re a frequent gamer you’ve probably played or heard from Valve’s amazing Portal games. To solve every room Portalizer makes use of puzzle mechanics that are obviously inspired by Portal: shoot one portal against a surface with your gun to create an entrance and add another one for the exit. The dimensional portals are connected with each other, in this way you will be able to walk through one of them and end up exiting the other one. Your puzzle and shooting skills will be important to solve every level in this amazing 3D platformer with Portal mechanics.

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ADventure Capitalist

ADventure Capitalist

Start your adventure as a lemonade salesman and gain some money. Invest in new businesses and gain more and more money. Start hiring managers to click automatically for you and buy upgrades to make even more profit.

Click on the Investor tab to check how many investors you will have when starting over. A new start will be much easier.

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ADventure Capitalist
ADventure Capitalist 2