Royal Heroes


Welcome to the kingdom of Royal Heroes! In this story you play as a foot soldier that has just been promoted to the rank of general. In this new role it’s important to hire the right soldiers in the local tavern to build up your army. The tavern is filled with hired assassins or to speak in medieval terms, hired knights to build up your army. When you are victorious and successful in battle more soldiers will join your cause, it’s your goal to create an amazing team around you of recruits to enter a series of exciting battles. Depending on the balance from the units formation the outcome of the battle results will be influenced. Decide what the right role is for every individual soldier to be victorious!

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The Bunny and the Turtle

bunny and the turtle

The Bunny and the Turtle is a folktale written by the author Aesop, which is responsible for a lot more fables where animals are the protagonists. In this story a rabbit and a turtle challenge each other to a running match to find out who is the fastest of the two. In this interesting fable the animals are equipped with emotions like human beings. Of course like we all know from the well-known story that the tortoise is slower than the hare but the reptile wins anyway because he is smarter and less vain then the rabbit. In this nice puzzle game you must play eight different levels each with another challenge which has to be solved. Each different fragmented puzzle represents  a scene from the famous fable. Make sure that you don’t just click around everywhere, make sure you hit a potential hotspot, because if you miss you will lose precious points! Your job is to find the differences on each picture to advance to the next level. Have fun playing this great puzzle game with puzzle elements!

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Alone Zombiewoods

alone zombiewoods

When you’re all by yourself walking through the city or a forest at night time you might get the feeling of being watched by a thousand eyes from the shadows. This creepy feeling will increase heavily if you just finished watching a scary movie. In the game Alone Zombiewoods you find yourself in a dark forest only to find out that these woods have been heavily infested by zombies. Are you able to cross the woods safely without being catched by a zombie? Go on a quest with Verne and Eva, the protagonists from this game, and try to survive this dark night full of darkness and evil. The walking dead are in search for more brain to eat because they have none of their own so careful. Collect handy tools and objects to increase the success rate of your survival in this cool pixelated role playing game. Good luck surviving in Alone Zombiewoods!

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Feed Math

feed match

Hmmm….Sushi, this tasty food that finds its origins in Asia is delicious. It’s not rich of calories so you can’t get fat easily. But hey, the protagonist in this game managed to get fat anyway by eating sooooo much of the tasty stuff. Feed the person in this game called Feed Math to satisfy his hunger. He wants different combinations to vary his sushi diet so be sure to get him what he orders from you. By representing a mathematical formula on a plate on his belly he hints what kind of sushi that must prepared. For example: if there is a number 7 on there you need to give him two different dishes shown below that add up to seven. Combine the numbers of the dishes to get the requested meal. In this way you can practice making sushi and train in your sushi preparing skills at the same time! It’s up to you to concentrate, do the maths and satisfy the hunger of this fat boy’s belly.

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Since the free to play online browser game came out and was played by a lot of gamers it was just a matter of time before the internet was taken over by clones that wanted to ride on the train of short hype and success. In you play as a strong warrior that will have to fight it out in a battle against a horde of other warriors in a gigantic multiplayer arena. If you kill your opponents you will become stronger, a familiar and returning element in the .io gameplay genre if you’ve been playing one before. When you are slain by an enemy that’s stronger than you are you have to start all over again. To become stronger it’s smart to pick up special items like power and health potions. It’s even smarter to join or form a guild, because you are stronger when you’re standing with an army that single mindedly want to usurp all their enemies. So what are you waiting for? Join the multiplayer mayhem and become the strongest warrior on the battlefield! is available for free online on

Starry Knight

starry knight

‘Starry night, holy night,’ the chances are high that you’ve probably heard this song before, because everybody celebrates Christmas who has English as their mother language. This game has nothing to do with the winter holiday though because the title is Starry Knight. You take on the role as a heroic knight who has to collect all the stars in a total of twenty eight levels. All this effort must be made to finally save the princess, a well-known classic scenario of course. While travelling you will be challenged in several difficult challenges that must be conquered by manipulating different elements of the levels. The starry knight has the power to drag around and rotate a variety of platforms and blocks to fix the route to the next challenge. Manipulating the cool physics in this game is your main task in this game. Conquer all the dangers and obstacles to save the love of your life in starry knight, destroy evil and let love rule!

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Castle Rush

castle rush

Do you like wasting some time with a good Tower Defense game? Then Castle Rush will potentially have the ability to satisfy your TD needs! This isn’t a classic tower defense game though, because you won’t be placing any buildings to defend the castle of this mighty kingdom. Castle Rush introduces a new way to play, you will have the amazing ability to play as the kingdom fortress of the empire yourself to fend of the multiple waves of pesky enemies! When you’re walking on the battlefield lots of different demons, skeletons, zombies and other evil creatures will try to overrun you. Defend yourself against them with your almost impenetrable walls, mighty rocks and shooting towers. By upgrading your offensive skills, defensive skills and abilities you will be able to grow stronger by the second. Ah, the joy of upgrading all the things never gets old doesn’t it!? Have fun playing this cool strategic tower defense game with a twist.

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In this arcade style multiplayer game you will be challenged to create a very big snake in a crazy arena. The other players also own a small snake that they want to grow bigger and bigger. Warning, this can be a very addicting game! If you are familiar with the classic snake game from the old days you will love to discover the new way the franchise has been resurrected in Get into an arena with a bunch of other players and control your own digital snake. The purpose of course is to get your own snake stronger and longer than the other player. Try not to bump into the rival snakes or you will die a terrible death and won’t be able to win the tournament! Eat to become larger en don’t crash into the other snakes. Good luck and have fun in this amazing crazy multiplayer game!

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Investigator and the case of Chekhov’s gun

Investigator and the case of Chekhov’s gun

In this mysterious point and click detective it’s your job to solve a very strange suicide. Your job as an investigator is to search for clues and hints to crack the case. Every clue hints that a crime has been committed and this was a cold blooded murder instead of an accident. Work together with special investigator Bad Luck Duck and interrogate multiple characters to try to get to the bottom of this. Clear the case and reveal the truth about this so called suicide in the amazing detective game Investigator and the case of Chekhov’s gun. If you ever wanted to feel how a real detective handles a murder case like this one you should check out Investigator and the case of Chekhov’s gun. Good luck and have fun!

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Panda Love

panda love

Pandas are fluffy creatures who eat bamboo all day long while doing nothing special. In this game you play as a more active panda bear. Instead of chewing up a whole bamboo forest you are on a coin collecting quest through a series of platforming challenges with an increasing difficulty curve. Get yourself ready for some serious running and jumping with these panda’s because this is an endless runner game which doesn’t give you a break. Like in similar games you won’t be able to stop so you have to act and think fast like in One button Arthur and One button Bob. The controls of this game are very simple, you only have to tap with your finger or click with your mouse once to make the panda jump. No, there is no bamboo eating button, just one lousy button to jump in the air. In all the levels the goal is to collect the gold that is scattered across the environment, when you’ve collected all the coins the way out will be unlocked, the entrance to the next level will be revealed. Good luck and have fun barging this black and white colored bear through these difficult levels.

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