Sharkosaurus Attack

sharkosaurus attack

There a lots of evil creatures that have spawned from the imagination of mankind, a lot of monsters show us that there are no boundaries to the imagination. In Sharkosaurus Attack it’s time to step into the saddle of this crazy mutated creatures that is best described as a combination between a shark and a prehistoric dinosaur. With this monstrous cross-over it’s your job to wreak havoc and create chaos in the streets of the city!

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Flies Commander


In this game you are ‘pretty fly’ with these two winged insects. Assist these flies in the best way possible on their mission. The flies are always hungry and are demanding lots of food to fill their bellies. And no, their favorite meal doesn’t consist of vegetables and fruit. All they want is of course some nice and sweet snacks! They are on the hunt for cake, pies, chocolate and other candy. Dodge all the traps and dangers in order to get all the candy in the basket to create the sweetest feast the world of flies has ever seen! Good luck becoming the Lord of the Flies!

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Vulpin Adventure

Welcome traveler! You look like a smart, tough, young fellow who likes to put energy in a mission for the cause. We are in need of a strong and kind person that has the motivation to embark on a dangerous adventure. We want to ask you to get rid of the monster problems that are pestering the village. Our land has always been protected by the mighty Starstone, her light defended our borders against enemy creatures. The stone has been smashed to pieces, that’s why you are our last hope to send the monsters all to hell while being assisted by a strange creature that’s called the Vulpin.

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Fitness Workout XL


Do you work out enough or sit behind your desk all day long playing games? A half an hour a day should do the trick to keep fit, so they say. Check out this game called Fitness Workout! Choose between a male or female character and start working out with them. Make a choice if you want a male or female character and find the perfect rhythm, exercises and daily routine to pump those muscles to the max! Go on, get in shape in Fitness Workout XL and who knows…you might get inspired to do some training yourself.

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Whack your Boss: superhero style!


In this crazy whacking game you take on the role as a worker that gets no respect from his boss. He has had it with his boss and plans his revenge on a creative way. Attack your boss with an arsenal of exotic and deadly weapons, it’s possible to fry him with a Hadoken, slice him up with a katana and torture him with the right tools to teach him a lesson he will not soon forget. Have fun torturing and killing your boss in a lot of different ways to get that totally satisfying, sweet revenge!

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Endless Lake


In Endless Lake you have to assist a little guy to overcome all the dangers of the mysterious lake that is found on a strange planet. The only power you possess is to jump. Time your jumps to the max and find the right moments to perform the leaps to advance in the levels. Collect all the golden coins which can be spend after every run to increase your powers and abilities. When you get to a specific number of points it is possible to unlock new characters who can help you discover if this lake is really endless…

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Mexico Rex


Get ready to go on a rampage with this dangerous Tyrannosaurus Rex. Wreak havoc, chaos, mayhem and destruction with this prehistoric animal in the streets of the city. This time Rex decides to destroy Mexico! Rex isn’t only equipped with his mighty jaws, he also has two deadly guns hat are integrated with his body. Destroy the army and snack on innocent civilians to prove that you’re still on top of the foodchain after millions of years. Have fun rampaging through Mexico with this giant reptile!

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Worm Food


If the day has come that the Grim Reaper is knocking on your door you will become a snack for all the insects and worms six feet under the earth. The creatures that survive in the dark underground are very happy with your dead and juicy flesh. In this game your body is literally food for the worms instead of you being the snack! Take control of a gigantic alien worm and build your speed to the max to jump higher to reach places you’ve never been before. Dodge all the obstacles that will slow you down. You will complete the level if all the citizens are being eaten who live in the little town. The mini map shows you where all the man and women are and also reveals the dangerous objects which can be found on the battlefield. Thousands of years ago the warriors of this town have beaten the godly worms, centuries later it’s up to you to get rid of those pesky humans and take your sweet revenge!

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Royal Heroes


Welcome to the kingdom of Royal Heroes! In this story you play as a foot soldier that has just been promoted to the rank of general. In this new role it’s important to hire the right soldiers in the local tavern to build up your army. The tavern is filled with hired assassins or to speak in medieval terms, hired knights to build up your army. When you are victorious and successful in battle more soldiers will join your cause, it’s your goal to create an amazing team around you of recruits to enter a series of exciting battles. Depending on the balance from the units formation the outcome of the battle results will be influenced. Decide what the right role is for every individual soldier to be victorious!

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The Bunny and the Turtle

bunny and the turtle

The Bunny and the Turtle is a folktale written by the author Aesop, which is responsible for a lot more fables where animals are the protagonists. In this story a rabbit and a turtle challenge each other to a running match to find out who is the fastest of the two. In this interesting fable the animals are equipped with emotions like human beings. Of course like we all know from the well-known story that the tortoise is slower than the hare but the reptile wins anyway because he is smarter and less vain then the rabbit. In this nice puzzle game you must play eight different levels each with another challenge which has to be solved. Each different fragmented puzzle represents  a scene from the famous fable. Make sure that you don’t just click around everywhere, make sure you hit a potential hotspot, because if you miss you will lose precious points! Your job is to find the differences on each picture to advance to the next level. Have fun playing this great puzzle game with puzzle elements!

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